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UNIQUE: a desk system to recognize people & teams for their contribution and generate of value.

UNIQUE is a desk system that generates moments of recognition for the talents, skills, values and gifts that the people of give us at org.

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UNIQUE is a desk system, which function as a model to deliver a recognition and a tool to make tangible and easy for people the moment of gratitude. This idea, turned into a product already marketed for a year, allows the transformation of the culture of gratitude in the organizations and teams where it is implemented. Since it allows those who use it to make a first sensible and real reflection on what has been the contribution of those involved in the daily life of the projects, the same team and the fulfillment of the goals; guaranteeing that it is a sincere and unforced delivery.

The general process consists of applying a recognition delivery model that not only highlights the values and contributions of the members through graphic cards, but also requires the landing of variables such as location and time, impacts and a sensible closure process. With regard to Graphic Cards, there are 100 concepts divided between values, gifts, skills and abilities of professional and personal fields to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to value the efforts of all, not only focused on organizational goals, but also on the contributions to personal or team life.

Having a dual component (recognition delivery model and practical tool) allows UNIQUE to be a very versatile idea of application in complete organizations, areas of work, equipment, even for face-to-face conversations. Similarly, keeping the same recognition model, graphics cards have several methods of use depending on the situation and dynamics of the environment where it will be implemented. The best thing for organizations is that it is a tangible product that they can use on various occasions and is done quickly without drastically interrupting the normal flow of work. Methods include: Personal recognition of the leader to each employee during their feedback conversations; Collective recognition between a team, as a team what have been their achievements or how each member contributed to the team; there is also a chain of recognition that can be expanded throughout the organization and ensures that all employees have the opportunity to be recognized by other members of the organization.

Idea Title

UNIQUE: a desk system to recognize people & teams for their contribution and generate of value.

How the Idea will inspire the experience and expression of gratitude within an organization.

UNIQUE has 100 graphic cards with images and concepts that express values, skills, skills, gifts, among others, so that anyone who receives the card deck can select the most suitable in an easy and simple way to those who want to make the recognition. The first barrier that has at the moment of generating recognition is that who should give it "does not feel or do not know why to do it". The use of the cards inspires that selection of contributions that the person to be recognized has made. It also facilitates the delivery process, as the cards are the complete process to generate a complete and not obligatory experiences of gratitude

Who are you innovating for?

the idea of UNIQUE arises from the needs expressed by HR professionals, although their implementation is designed for the ultimate well-being of leaders and teams within organizations. HR professionals will be able to lead the overall implementation of the UNIQUE model, but the graphic card tool will facilitate processes directly in teams and people without the need of a professional present.

What type of workplaces are you innovating for?

Thanks to the versatility of UNIQUE methods, it can be implemented in all types of organizations, from large companies with collaborators mainly in offices, to those that are in production plants and have little time for reconnaissance activities. It can also be applied in organizations large or small, as it has individual methods of generating recognition experiences.

How you envision the Idea being introduced to your selected organization?

The implementation of UNIQUE can be given from top to bottom, ie with a general direction by HR professionals to all leaders and teams, raising awareness of its importance, training on ways to use and deliver the tool . It could also enter from the bottom up, ie be leaders of teams or projects that receive the tool and training in its implementation to start their daily use to generate the desired cultural transformation.

What obstacles, if any, do you foresee in implementing this Idea, and how would they be overcome?

The main obstacle to UNIQUE's implementation is that it does not require a general moment for the entire organization, if not for small moments; these are forgotten and their implementation is not everyday. For this, the HR professionals who lead the implementation, should generate communication campaigns and a process of accompaniment to the leaders, which in turn allows to solve doubts or improve how to implement in each type of organization.

How will you test and prototype your solution?

Currently UNIQUE has already generated prototypes that have been successfully tested in group work, leadership sessions and cultural transformation in Colombian organizations.

What immediate next steps will you take if you receive an implementation grant.

UNIQUE, as a finished product, requires implementation in new organizational contexts (other countries outside Colombia, different sectors and types of companies) to refine the model and methods of use and achieve global impact.

At what stage of development is your Idea?

  • Operating Concept / Startup: You have fulfilled the stages of testing, undertaken a full scale roll-out, and are currently operating this concept/idea as a business.

Please describe from where your Idea emerged

UNIQUE emerged from the evaluations that as a firm we carry out in different organizations, where we find many interpersonal problems in the teams because they do not feel valued as members of the same ones. This situation we articulate with our platform OPEN CARDS METHODOLOGY to generate a tool and a model that allows to attend the problem.

Tell us about yourself

I am part of the design team and process leader at OPENMIND CONSULTING & DESIGN where we jointly seek tangible ways to support companies, social organizations, teams and people to change their world.

Where are you / your team located?

OPENMIND CONSULTING & DESIGN is in Colombia, Ecuador and Costa Rica.

Please describe your legal and organizational structure

It is a company with horizontal structure, where we work horizontally according to the projects or challenges that our clients present to us. Currentl

Company / Organization Name

OPENMIND CONSULTING & DESIGN is a global design firm focused on inspiring others to act and change their world


Tell us about your experience

OPENMIND CONSULTING & DESIGN was born 7 years ago in Colombia and we currently have offices in Costa Rica and Ecuador. Of our greatest achievements is the incursion of Design Thinking themes for HR processes in various organizations and the OPEN CARDS METHODOLOGY design a visual platform that seeks to support meaningful conversations for the solution or improvement of various everyday problems.


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Great implemented idea! My idea resembles yours by use of cards.
I got interested in your consulting agency and will be looking into it further. Who knows, maybe we co-op in the future:)

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