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A gamified B2B app to inspire, facilitate and reward gratitude in the workplace, and help democratize CSR decisions.

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One-MinT stands for One-Minute-Thanks

One-MinT a highly scalable B2B app which makes thanking colleagues fun and effective, and can help democratize CSR decisions.

As the name indicates, One-MinT needs only one-minute to thank colleagues. Because thanking someone with our app adds points to oneself and to the person thanked, there is additional incentive for expressing gratitude. When expressing thanks, the intention of the gratitude is emphasized. From the perspective of the individual, expressing gratitude does not automatically lead to individual gain, but they know their actions help support their favorite social cause. This helps detract abuse of the app. However, there is flexibility for the company to honor/reward those employees/departments which receive/show most expressions of gratitude. This option can help drive usage among a subset of employees. The UI is attractive and interactive. The UX is intuitive and seamless. Gamification and slack integration option help adoption and sustained usage.


 App landing page shows an interactive hourglass, which acts as a live gratitude meter of the organization (everytime someone in the organization thanks someone, a heart falls down into the bottom half of the hourglass). This meter can be reset every week/month as needed. There are only two items in the menu- One-MinT and In-MinT

Clicking on One-MinT leads to a page which allows the employee to send her gratitude to a colleague. There are two parameters to fill: Who to thank and Why.  In this page there is also a small hourglass (personal meter of thanks), which keeps track of how much gratitude this employee has expressed. Everytime she thanks someone: a heart falls into the bottom half of her personal hourglass,  another falls in the hourglass  of the person being thanked (which shows up as a notification for them), and another heart into the company's hourglass.

Clicking on the In-MinT button leads to an inspirational page with multimedia content to inspire gratitude.


 The app keeps track of the number of acts of gratitude of individuals, departments and the company. The organization can choose to reward those who express/receive most gratitude (eg a paid day off, or being acknowledged in a company email), but the incentivization will be moderated such that it minimizes intentional abuse. (An interesting option for the organization is to create Gratitude-Boxes that allow these winners to randomly choose a gift, which will give a 50% chance of winning something for themselves and a 50% chance of winning something for a charity). At the end of the year, the employee can donate these gratitude points to a cause of their choice. The organization now has employee mandate in their CSR choices!

The app is highly scalable. The app can be paired with gratitude training/compassion training programs and hackathons (like the ones we offer to kickstart and retain the cultural shift toward gratitude. 


 There are several intrinsic and extrinsic incentives for the usage of the app. 1. The person who gives thanks and the person who receives thanks accrue gratitude points. The person who has received the most gratitude points in a given time frame (weekly, monthly etc) will be rewarded. To balance against the misuse of the app, we have created the idea of a 'gratitude-box' with an unique 50-50 option as described in the User Experience. This adds a gamification element to the gratitude process as well. 2. The tie in-to CSR links every day acts of thanking to a bigger social impact on a cause of their choice 3. Finally, there is the public validation of being recognized in a open forum for actions that may otherwise escape notice.
An additional motivational element is the online/live gratitude-training that we plan to create as a prelude/support to the app (modeled after some of the other curriculum we have developed: This can help identify our 'gratitude-ambassadors' who can help drive adoption of the app within the organization.


We have created the core elements of this technology as a multiplatform, SaaS app for nurturing compassionate workpalces. So it will be easy to build with primary effort around the UX and UI components.

Idea Title

One-MinT (One Minute of Thanks to change a company's culture)

How the Idea will inspire the experience and expression of gratitude within an organization.

It only takes one minute to thank a colleague, but for that action to happen, the employee needs to have access to a simplified, easy access interface, be inspired and be motivated (gamification)- but without losing the original intention of gratitude. Our app solves for all these parameters. One-MinT will be simple, visually intuitive, minimally intrusive, stays at the top of the radar, appeals to deeper moral instincts, provides collective intent and is supported by real-life training.

Who are you innovating for?

The app is not restricted to functions or job titles, since the objective is a collective conscious cultural shift toward gratitude. Implementation can organization wide/ multi-departments/ inter-department. Everyone, from CEO to Janitor becomes part of a culture of gratitude.

What type of workplaces are you innovating for?

Mid and Large organizations are likely to benefit more from this app. There are no industry-specific or geographical restrictions. Additionally, support training can be provided as EverWebinars or Live webinars as needed.

How you envision the Idea being introduced to your selected organization?

We will start with a pilot. Before the pilot we will offer our gratitude workshop/ gratitude hackathon. We will then identify our 'gratitude-ambassadors' (people most invested in the idea who can drive usage of the app) who will then work with to build critical momentum within the organization after we implement. We will wok with organizations to personalize content for In-MinT and also how we can balance incentivization to drive usage.

What obstacles, if any, do you foresee in implementing this Idea, and how would they be overcome?

Our experience with trying to implement compassion culture shifts in companies ( and has helped us acknowledge that orgaizations don't often prioritize soft or human centric skills. Warm introductions will help, brand associations, such as with GGSC can help. Also we can offer free trials of the program in so experience can overcome bias, as we build testimonials. Slack integration can overcome resistance re new tech/ server concerns.

How will you test and prototype your solution?

Our MVP may not include CSR linking. We could offer the minimum viable product (MVP) to companies in exchange for feedback. To convince companies to try our MVP we can offer our gratitude hackathon at no/minimal cost so there is a buy in for gratitude-driven work cultures.

What immediate next steps will you take if you receive an implementation grant.

Brainstorm with GGSC about improving content/ implementation Build the MVP Identify warm leads to queue up pilot test

At what stage of development is your Idea?

  • Research & Early Testing: You are exploring an idea, gathering inspiration and information needed to test it with real users.

Please describe from where your Idea emerged

I created Kulture of Kindness with mentoring from Dr. James Doty at CCARE and Robert Cusick (a CCT trainer and former buddhist monk) with an intention of creating compassionate work cultures. I subsequently created my unique training system, the 9-Pillars of Workplace compassion, with input from Dr. Jane Dutton, at CPO, U Mich. These have led me to explore gratitude deeply (which is one of the 9-pillars of workplace compassion) and have helped create the framework for this idea.

Tell us about yourself

I am a former cancer drug discovery scientist, a certified life coach, entrepreneur, teacher and author. I am passionate about creating kind work places. My efforts include a non profit ( and Compassionleaders ( We are a small team building solutions to bring positive changes in the world.

Where are you / your team located?

Fremont, California, USA


My other websites:

Tell us about your experience

I am the founder and Chief Compassion Officer of and Kulture of Kindness. Our mission is to help organizations become more compassionate, mindful and in turn more successful. We implement this through a combination of onsite and online training, workshops, compassion hackathons and technology. The technology component of our offering is a native, B2B, multiplatform, cloud based app that helps inspire, facilitate and reward positive workplace behaviors.

Please describe, in detail, how you will test and get feedback on your concept.

To test my assumptions on the concept and get feedback on the prototype, I shared the following resources with 6 people who offered feedback: 1. The user journey document 2. Images of the app 3. A verbal description of the app's proposed features. 4. Questionnaire for feedback, which I created using the OpenIdeo prototype document . I have uploaded these documents in this section. INCORPORATING FEEDBACK INTO THE NEXT STEPS: The four responses I have received for my forms plus the feedback I have received verbally, favorably reinforce our assumptions about the use of technology and specifically the One-MinT format for the successful expression of workplace gratitude. Feedback also provided suggestions for the kinds of incentives and assessments. The idea of a gratitude-box and introducing chance elements into the incentive process received positive feedback. We will continue to receive more feedback and include these into the building of the app's features.

Please describe specifically how you plan to scale your idea. What are the key next steps you will take, and how will those steps inform the evolution and growth of your concept?

MVP of One-Min-T is web only version of the app, without the CSR component We will pilot this with 2-3 interested organizations in small groups of about 25 people. We will pair our offering with free gratitude training (live and online format). All of these will be reflected in a SEO optimized website we will build. This will be a free trial with the objective of getting feedback and helping us refine the product as we build it out further into other platforms and add CSR features (We already have a veterans organization that has expressed interest in the concept after reading our OpenIDEO submission) We will track usage and effectiveness using assessments. We will use the feedback to further refine the product. We will follow this up by pitching for funds (if necessary) to expand to android and iOS platforms. Once we have refined, multiplatform product, we will create a marketing strategy with a dedicated CRM account. We will then create 'Self-serve' webinar content to scale the offerings. As the product becomes successful, we will create add-on products in the gratitude space (hackathons, games) which we have preliminary templates for.

As we have seen in the Challenge, there is a tension between authentic expressions of gratitude and mandatory gratitude. How does your idea inspire truly authentic expressions of gratitude versus mandated ones?

We will pair our app with gratitude training (live, online and ever webinar formats) to create context and identify ‘gratitude-ambassadors’. We will consult with the company to identify balance points wherein the incentives for expressing/receiving gratitude is neither trivial (fair motivation) nor exotic (avoid abuse). Knowing that their acts of gratitude will help support their favorite cause may help users tap into a higher moral drivers of gratitude.

Gratitude often thrives when opportunities for connection are created. How will your concept create new opportunities for human connection?

People are inspired to observe each other for goodness and opportunities to thank them for their goodness.Others in the organization get to see the positive side of others they never knew before. There is organization-wide mandate that gratitude is a part of their work culture, and gratitude serves as a shared value for the organization. Since One-MinT levels the playing field across job functions and positions, there is a breakdown of barriers and reinforcement of shared humanity.

Who (specifically) will benefit from your concept, and how they will interact with it? What design considerations have you included to ensure easy and intuitive interactions? 

Every employee in the organization is adding unique value to the organization through her/his role. Every employee, from janitor to CEO, needs to feel valued and thanked. This app creates a level playing field for all employees throughout the organization. We have deliberately opted for a minimalistic approach to the features and UI. There are only 2 UI components- one for inspiration and the other for expressing gratitude. The other two features help track personal and company progress with gratitude. Everything else (gratitude points, usage tracking) happen in the backend. Additionally, we include a visual component ( heart falling into the bottom of the hour glasses every time gratitude is expressed) which can be interesting to the user. Additionally, push notifications (for daily inspiration and when gratitude is expressed) help keep the user engaged to the app.

Please describe how you intend to use the prize funding, if selected as a Top Idea. Be specific.

Develop MVP app (only the web platform. We can add android and iOS platforms later) Develop a meaningful gratitude training program (in collaboration with experts) Creating a SEO optimized website Identifying potential adopters for piloting Have a software person in back up as we pilot to refine product. Creating assessments for tracking usage and effectiveness


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