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The Gratitude Playbook (by McCann Worldgroup Philippines)

Similar to a brand playbook, a "Gratitude Playbook" distills tricks, tactics, and strategies to cultivate gratitude in various organizations

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As a century-old advertising and marketing communications agency handling global brands, we at McCann Worldgroup are used to "playbooks"--compilations of strategies, tactics, techniques, and tools that we develop with and for our clients to help them communicate better, engage their consumers, and grow their brands.

If we can create playbooks for communications and brand-building, why not create a Gratitude Playbook that will crowdsource and compile all sorts of strategies, tactics, techniques, and tools to spark and cultivate a culture of gratitude in organizations?

We can start within the McCann Worldgroup network (composed of over 23,000 people in over 120 countries worldwide), and even pitch ideas to our clients (which represent some of the biggest brands in the world!)

Here's an initial idea of how we can develop it:

  • We will tap an office (starting in the Philippines), or a number of offices in the McCann Worldgroup network (APAC) and run a series of Gratitude Experiments, in partnership with our HR teams
  • Which Gratitude exercises and activities resonate? What are the dynamics and nuances that affect building gratitude? Can we spread gratitude? What stunts its growth?
  • With the same discipline that we use in developing strategies and playbooks for our client brands, we will take what we've learned in these Gratitude Experiments and develop a Gratitude Playbook. The Gratitude Playbook is meant to be a living, evolving document--a growing toolkit, if you will--that different offices from around the world can "adopt and adapt" according to their own needs and cultures. It recognizes the nuances between cultures and organizational setups and allows for fluidity, flexibility, and, of course, creativity

Here's how we can roll it out:

  1. Get Gratitude Technique ideas from the McCann Worldgroup network
  2. Plan out the ideas and execute
  3. Document! (Live blog? Through our social media channels?)
  4. Gather data on Gratitude Experiments' effect on productivity, employee engagement and happiness, client servicing, attrition rates, etc.
  5. Collect stories, tactics, into a playbook!
  6. Share and pass on within the McCann Worldgroup network
  7. Pitch and share with our own clients--either for their internal organizations or for their brand campaigns

Idea Title

The Gratitude Playbook

How the Idea will inspire the experience and expression of gratitude within an organization.

The Gratitude Playbook takes skills that we've honed for decades (over a century!) in our industry and applies it to experiences and expressions of gratitude--allowing us to be as creative, as authentic, but also as disciplined as we can be, just as when we're preparing for a pitch or developing a campaign. It will encourage each office in the network to discover different dimensions and nuances of gratitude in their organizations, and by documenting it as a global network, we could also possibly contribute to global knowledge about gratitude and use our skills in advertising and marketing to make gratitude a more positively-pervasive practice all around the world. :)

Who are you innovating for?

1. Primary target: Our own colleagues in the McCann Worldgroup network--300 in the PH, around 14,000 in APAC, and over 23,000 worldwide. We work in a cutthroat, time-starved, high-pressure industry that demands creativity and agility 24/7, where people rarely have the time to express gratitude to others, but where gratitude can go a long way. 2. Our secondary target market will be our own clients--large local and global brands that can take gratitude further through their own brand campaigns

What type of workplaces are you innovating for?

McCann Worldgroup is one of the world's largest and leading advertising and integrated marketing communications networks, with 300 staff in the PH, 14,000 staff in APAC, over 23,000 staff in over 120 countries worldwide.

How you envision the Idea being introduced to your selected organization?

1. Pilot in Manila, to be championed by Corporate Affairs and run in coordination with the HR and Strategy teams 2. Run Gratitude Experiments internally 3. Document results 4. Gather data on Gratitude Experiments' effect on productivity, employee engagement and happiness, client servicing, attrition rates, etc. 4. Collect stories, tactics, into a playbook 5. Share and pass on initially with the APAC region, then later, within the entire McCann Worldgroup network 6. Pitch and share with our own clients--either for their internal organizations or for their brand campaigns

What obstacles, if any, do you foresee in implementing this Idea, and how would they be overcome?

1. Some might think this is too cheesy, but we will present data in support of our need to embed gratitude in organizational culture 2. It also takes time away from regular client work. But again, if we can make a clear case for how it will make our employees more engaged, more productive, and even a thought leader in the network, we're confident that we can get management support for this 3. It's also possible that other offices in our network might not like this, but we can still maximize it

How will you test and prototype your solution?

1. Run Gratitude Experiments in small teams--either with a pilot, cross-functional team or with the leadership team. Some of these experiments may include the other ideas we'll be submitting here, or focused on specific challenges (e.g., how do we express gratitude to support staff?) 2. Run these experiments quarterly so we can track progress throughout a year 3. Conduct surveys and measure "Gratitude Quotient" before and after the experiments, to have metrics that we can evaluate later on

What immediate next steps will you take if you receive an implementation grant.

1. Run the experiments right away! 2. Seek support from mentoring organizations to develop the "Gratitude Quotient" survey/questionnaire and more scientifically track our baseline + results 3. Use part of the funding to develop and design the actual Gratitude Playbook + case videos that may be shared around the world

At what stage of development is your Idea?

  • Research & Early Testing: You are exploring an idea, gathering inspiration and information needed to test it with real users.

Please describe from where your Idea emerged

From an internal brainstorming session, facilitated under the Chief Gratitude Officer program

Tell us about yourself

TEAM LEAD: Nina Terol - Director for Corporate Affairs; part of the Chief Gratitude Officer cohort IDEA LEAD: Sonia Pascual - Associate Planning Director (this was really HER idea!) TEAM MEMBER: Shee Mata - HR Executive OTHER WORKSHOP MEMBERS: Daisy Fernandez-Ycasas - HR Head Colin Signio - HR Executive Nannah Tobias - Associate Managing Partner Alfred Lucot - Digital Media Planner

Where are you / your team located?

Manila, Philippines

Please describe your legal and organizational structure


Company / Organization Name

McCann Worldgroup Philippines


Tell us about your experience

Nina Terol - Aside from heading corporate affairs for McCann Worldgroup Philippines, is also co-founder and Chief Fireball of Kick Fire Kitchen, her entrepreneurial team of motivators, idea catalysts, and culture builders who work to inspire passion, creativity, collaboration, and innovation and individuals and teams. Has over 18 years of communications experience, including design, media, the academe, and startup mentoring


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