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Happy 10 minutes, Just in 10(!)

Time to initiate gratitude "gamefication"to inspire expression and experience of gratitude where its not a habit to thank someone for work.

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Gratitude gamefication is an innovative workplace social relations management idea that use common game elements to influence a shift of social habits towards gratitude expression and experience. These idea involve all workers and inspire natural adaptation to a gratitude custom within a common space and time. The initiative focus on the pitfalls that cause failure to express gratitude, take advantage of common meetings, create a social platform that bring individuals with adverse opinion on gratitude at a common social ground and inspire change of culture habits. The addictive nature of game elements combined with benefits of gratitude expression and experience inspire leaders and subordinates to be gratitude inclined.                                                                      Happy 10 minutes is the minimum time required in common meetings and health talks to initiate and develop gratitude "gamefication" using a common game or game-like element to inspire gratitude expression and experience, "make the hard stuff in life fun" in these case a common gratitude game is used to introduce and inspire thanks giving in workplaces where it is hardly done.Once a gratitude culture is introduced at work it will broaden, deepen and replicate. The idea is to use the common to influence the uncommon and make it common.                                                                                                                          The point of the initiative is to inspire superiors and subordinates to express thanks giving in a relaxed space within the common time space such as meetings and health talks, it builds social cohesion and genuine thanks giving and true expression of feelings towards thanks giving better still in cultures where you cannot thank someone for doing their Job. Gamefication removes gratitude resentment instead it makes it fun. The platform build a space for genuine social gratitude culture transformation ,workers bond, develop trust and are happy as they realise their work is appreciated and fulfilled. The benefits of gratitude expression and experience naturally broaden and deepen its practice. The idea kicks start and deepen gratitude expression and guide companies for future gratitude programs. The point of the initiative is to do away with an insincere duty driven gratitude to a more casual social and true expression of gratitude, it seeks to socialise gratitude expression which can easily then develop into a culture.

Essential tools for Gratitude Gamefiction:                                                                    1. “Spin the bottle” is the recommended gratitude game to start with, the idea of the game is to address gratitude at an individual level make one reflect on good things that has happened to them and are thankful for as a result of others and then at a corporate level;  team make a circle and superior stands at the middle spinning the bottle and the person to whom which the bottle points is given a chance to;express gratitude about career achievements and or to express gratitude to a fellow worker of choice and or express gratitude about any work related matter. The Leader will find something they will thank that person about their work contribution. Companies are at liberty to introduce their own gratitude games that best suit their culture guided by a gratitude gamefication manual and also best times to fit them. Three first lucky winners selected in the game will win a gift labelled “thank you for work” or a juice. Once one wins a gift or juice they are not eligible to win for three weeks. The game is continuous and all participants will have a chance to be selected.                                                                                                                                                                  2. Every second Month they is the Gratitude game of the Month award, these celebrate the exciting and creative gratitude games created by employees. Two weeks after introducing “spin the bottle” Employees are encouraged to create gratitude games that they moderate on special meetings or a health talk and or special selected times. The idea of these initiative is to encourage employees to be creative while their mind is focused on gratitude which deepens gratitude appreciation. Three games with most votes at the end of the second month will be announced at a thanks giving luncheon at work and they will win a gift labelled thank you for work or a two day gratitude leave . The innovative creative game like elements will broaden and deepen the experience and expression of gratitude at work overcoming any form of resentment.                                                                                                                                                                      3. Every fortnight employees who participate in a gratitude game are encouraged to write a short personal gratitude note about how their gratitude experience has helped them connect socially at work, how they feel about gratitude and  how best to improve it and throw it in a thanks giving box. these initiative will help monitor and evaluate benefits that gratitude gamefication has brought. Four notes are picked randomly read out before the start of a gratitude game or a meeting and the leaders thank those that contributed personal notes for work and their valuable contributions.                                  Every month end they will be thanks giving notes of the month at a grand draw, 5 lucky notes are randomly picked from the enclosed box by the leader, the group vote for two subordinates to verify the names and leader announce the winners. The gratitude notes will then be read by one selected person without naming the Authors. 5 nominated Authors in the draw will each be given a gratitude gift or a gratitude day off that is if the company policy will accommodate the gratitude day off. 

Exit Plan:Once gratitude gamefication and a manual is launched we do implementation monitoring and make recommendations within 2 Months and thereafter leave the client to implement the program by themselves. For clients outside our geographic locations we do virtual monitoring and recommendations for the 2 months. Within a projected 2 years a gratitude culture should be fully developed at the company and they can adopt other gratitude strategies. 

Additional note; In a snap WhatsApp survey recently: I contacted 20 of my whatsApp contacts in Zimbabwe working for prominent companies and asked how often they got thanked at work by their bosses and all the 20 contacts simply said “never” bosses wont thank you for doing your job they don’t care all they want is their job done. I further asked 5 bosses in my contacts how often they thank their subordinates and they said you cannot thank someone for doing their job that is what they get paid for. Based on these simple survey it also made me realise gratitude gamefication is a tool in urgent and critical need to inspire attitude change towards thanksgiving in most companies and if marketed well will be a success.


Idea Title

Gratitude gamefication

How the Idea will inspire the experience and expression of gratitude within an organization.

The idea use thanks giving games in common meetings to begin with, encourage participation using common game elements users engage in thanks giving socially in cultures where it is unusual to thank someone for their work. With The superior at the centre of thanks giving games subordinates are inspired to participate. Employees create gratitude games, a chance to win a prize and free choices deepen engagement and participation in thanks giving. Superior and subordinate build social cohesion and are happy. Thanks giving games build interest and develop a gratitude culture that leads to greater appreciation of things, expressing and experiencing gratitude becomes a desired habit.

Who are you innovating for?

Gratitude gamefication is a relations management tool, Managers, Executive and leaders benefit from using these cost effective method to build greater workforce relations, workplace unity, Social cohesion, transform the workplace to be happy and motivational, increase management efficiency and personal satisfaction. Employees equally connect with leaders through guaranteed participation in the change making process that has a personal influence in embracing the change and make work desirable.

What type of workplaces are you innovating for?

The idea suit small to medium companies with employee size 5-100 ,International and regional organisations with over 100 employees. Idea Works in production companies, service organisation, NGOs, manufactures, mining companies, food processing industries and retailers. The idea is a best fit in cultures like the Zimbabwean culture where it is impossible to thank someone for doing their job, for the 5 different companies i have worked for no superior would thank you for doing your job, never.

How you envision the Idea being introduced to your selected organization?

1. Within 2 weeks i meet the Executive and officially agree to prototype idea, Develop gratitude gamefication manual. Prototype idea with One Executive and voluntary employees from the same department. 2.The superior using the manual Implement in selected department meetings and health talks and promote games, I monitor and improve idea (1 month), get feedback from team and make improvements and compare achievements of department in trial with those yet to adopt the idea. 3. Communicate effectively inside the organization 4. With the idea trial positive outcomes and Adjustments agreed upon with workforce done, the idea will be implemented on a full scale to all departments as agreed.

What obstacles, if any, do you foresee in implementing this Idea, and how would they be overcome?

The obstacle associated with idea is that the initial implementation should be isolated to one department for outcome comparison purposes and desirability measurement, if grapevine at workplace gets ahead of the idea and information become available to other departments that might influence early adoption of the idea in other departments making comparison difficult. However in the event that happens will use the grapevine to fast-track implementation of the idea.

How will you test and prototype your solution?

1. Interview employees on thanks giving , analyse and understand acceptable business language and ethics , Observe 3 department meetings and a health talk and identify free times. 2. With superior and subordinates launch thanks giving “spin the bottle” and promote thanks giving expression through games , give presents and prizes for thanks giving games within 2 months. 3. Monitoring getting user feedback and improving the idea. 4. Observe other departments, compare and compile a report.

What immediate next steps will you take if you receive an implementation grant.

1. Strengthen research on gamefication in the work place for targeted users ,develop a concrete manual to suit multi organisational cultures. 2. Develop a concrete business plan and team of three people. 3. Start open surveys on ideas to check readiness 4. Start design and develop gratitude gamefication manuals for the market, contact identified possible clients. Mentor Support provides concrete scientific evidence on benefits of gratitude that will inspire companies to adopt the solution.

At what stage of development is your Idea?

  • Prototyping: You have conducted some small tests or experiments with prospective users and will continue developing idea through these tests.

Please describe from where your Idea emerged

As a subordinate frustrated with a demanding boss who never thanked me for good work I thought that was the worst boss. As a superior was doing the same and realised it is common practice in Zimbabwe you cannot thank someone for doing their job. Deep research with the frustration in need of gratitude made me discover gamefication as a potent tool to deal with the culture problem, most people love games and it is easy to use a common game way of thinking to solve a deep culture problem.

Tell us about yourself

Am Simbarashe Makuvaza got over ten years progressive experience in social innovation and project management with bias and passion in nutrition and strong financial management skills. A manufacturer and product innovator by experience launched micronutrients fruit confectioneries. Co founder and Projects Head of the Nutrigain Trust a non profit organisation into health and nutrition response.

Where are you / your team located?


Company / Organization Name

Nutrigain Trust


Tell us about your experience

I am a social entrepreneur passionate about bringing long lasting solutions to socio-economic challenges ravaging the third world. I have worked with some non-profit organisations in bringing up social inspired solutions to transform the life of the marginalised. In the past ten years I have been instrumental in setting up small to medium enterprises.


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