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Gratitude Outlook Plug-in

Inspire users and make it easy to generate personalized gratitude messages by using an Outlook Plug-in.

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The idea is designing and implementing an outlook plug-in that allows users the following options to express gratitude:

  1. Gratitude icon: fast way to express gratitude by using social networking buttons (something similar to “like” of social networks) as a reaction on an email
  2. Gratitude pop-up: personalized way to express gratitude by using different elements shown in a pop-up designed for two different scenarios:
  • Scenario 1 - Reply thanks mail: as an answer of an email and normally focused to express “thank you” for a good job (recognition).
  • Scenario 2 – Generate thanks mail: generate a new email to express gratitude to a person or a team (appreciation and/or recognition)

The pop-up elements will include many options to personalize gratitude; such as:

  • Texts: predefined messages, templates or customizable new messages
  • Badges: predefined badges and/or possibility to create new ones
  • Colours: considered as an option to categorize messages according the category of gratitude (for instance: good work, great effort, work delivered on time, help a partner, personal support...)
  • Media: animations (.GIF), video, pictures...


Gratitude messages will be designed to be printed. Therefore, companies will have the possibility to schedule “gratitude meetings” to give these gratitude messages to their employees and analyse different metrics about their impact into the organization and their evolution.

Idea Title

Gratitude Outlook Plug-in

How the Idea will inspire the experience and expression of gratitude within an organization.

We offer the tools to make it easy for employees to express gratitude in a low effort and personal way. The tools are implemented in an existing daily communication system, Microsoft Outlook, which is the working mail used by most of the current companies.

Who are you innovating for?

This innovation proposal is designed for all employees with Outlook working in the company. Employees will be stimulated to express gratitude to their peers, but also vertically, to people who are on different levels of the company’s hierarchy.

What type of workplaces are you innovating for?

This solution could be applied to all the companies that use Microsoft Outlook regardless the size, country or culture. The design of the templates will take into account the cultural needs and preferences.

How you envision the Idea being introduced to your selected organization?

We recommend applying “Lean Start-up” methodology creating a minimum viable product (MVP) and defining metrics and procedures in order to receive as many feedback as possible from final users.

What obstacles, if any, do you foresee in implementing this Idea, and how would they be overcome?

Main obstacles would be related to culture and companies policies and it would overcome by showing objective results based on metrics to show how gratitude can positively impact into the company.

How will you test and prototype your solution?

We would apply “Lean Start-up” methodology creating a minimum viable product (MVP) and defining metrics and procedures to receive as many feedback as possible from final users. We would apply “agile philosophy” by creating an iterative solution based on final users’ feedback and metrics in order to maximize the added value of the solution.

What immediate next steps will you take if you receive an implementation grant.

Immediate next steps would be meeting with the team to design a functional MVP and define which metrics and tools would be the right ones to get feedback from final users to give us information to progressively improve our solution.

At what stage of development is your Idea?

  • Research & Early Testing: You are exploring an idea, gathering inspiration and information needed to test it with real users.

Please describe from where your Idea emerged

The idea emerged as a result of team work in the event Ideathon organized by Open IDEO Barcelona Chapter Team on Satudary 21st of October.

Tell us about yourself

The team is made by following peple: Laura Martens: UX researcher Marina Deulofeu: UX researcher Gabriel Redondo: Export manager Isabel Aced: Graphic designer Albert Falguera: Gamification consultant

Where are you / your team located?

Barcelona (Spain)

Tell us about your experience

We represent a multi-disciplinary team and we have been involved in international projects in America and Europe in fields of export, enginyeering, design and different types of consultancy.


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