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Gratitude from the top down

I wanted to participate in this idea and headed up the team at work

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I work in a wellness company that is very focused on innovation. We have many remote employees, and for that reason, people both in and out of the office often feel disconnected, not considered and not recognized/thanked for their contributions. 

Our deadlines are often aggressive with large amounts of work and no one knowing where in the world the next person is. 

What I have found in my research is that there is a longing for connection. 

Mostly, people would appreciate even the smallest of "thank yous" - but for some reason even those elude us. We have a recognition program at work but it is hard to use and definitely underutilized. 

"Small things daily make a large impact in time"

Beyond that, people want to be recognized by their peers, rewarded by their superiors and know that their contribution has made a difference in the company/product/people's lives. 

What can we do to address these three aspects? 

1. Recognized by peers

- The idea is an app that you choose to opt in to. Reason being that people would want their messages/communications to be private. 

- The app would challenge you to connect with new people, you can send thank yous in the app to peers and this can be integrated with the recognition system in place already - using a platform we already have and making it a lot more accessible to action it. 

2. Rewarded by superiors

- A lot of people want to travel but don't have the money. The idea is that execs would donate their miles from all of their travel to employees as a quarterly prize. This can be done through the same app. 

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