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GOin Project - to find inside, the inspiration to experience and give gratitude

We want the people to explore inside, with some tools, training and moments and get the motivation to say thanks from heart

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This Project is the result of a 3 year intervention in the work enviroment project in our institution, where, after many dynamics, moments and experiences, we show that it is important to make people look inward, evaluate their beliefs, especially in 4 areas Work, relationships, happiness and money and  from there, to recognize what limits them to relate from appreciation and recognition with their colleagues, friends and family. Our intention is to impact the work environment, but also to create habits to bring this behavior to their personal environment, favoring their environment at work and with their families and friends, so the balance is complete.

For this; we have developed a work plan that includes: special moments of integration, meditation and yoga experiences to sensitize people; tools to mesure how they are at the beginning of the project and how they are evolving in relation to their well-being (NPS Surveys and Belief Evaluations Surveys); tools to thank and recognize their colleagues (Tables to fill with thank-you stickers, thank-you papers to deliver, gifts by number of stickers collected); spaces and elements to anchor the feeling of gratitude (Messages posted on the walls of the offices, table with the rules of the workspace and livestrong style bracelets to remember to thank constantly); we are also generating the habit of giving, proposing that the employees sell some of our bracelets and so with that money, themselfs will support some social cause at the end of the year (we sell thanks, to receive thanks).

Finally, this project has a training plan that includes monthly webinars with topics such as "the magic of gratitude", "learning to receive", "motivations of life", "leadership", "how to manage problems", " self steem and success", among others.

Our idea is to keep the minds of our employees focused in gratitude

Idea Title

GOin Project - gratitude is healthy

How the Idea will inspire the experience and expression of gratitude within an organization.

Our idea is to sensitize people and evaluate their beliefs to know what individually blocks their ability to thank, also assess which are the greatest limiting beliefs of the team, at the same time, we want to adapt their environment and give them moments so they do not forget to thank , give them the tools to do so and train them to know why they should do so, the goal is that gratitude should become a culture of the organization.

Who are you innovating for?

We are innovating for employees and their families, thus making relationships and processes work better for clients, that guarantees the well-being of people and the sustainability of the organization. It is important to note that gratitude generates people who are satisfied with their work, happy and productive

What type of workplaces are you innovating for?

We are a department of one of the largest universities in Colombia, basically what we do is to sell consulting and education to people, private companies and government companies, so a healthy work environment will surely impact many people, the intention is to pilot this initiative in this department to scale it to the whole university

How you envision the Idea being introduced to your selected organization?

To introduce the strategy, we will have specialized consultants who will form and train a management team, with participants from all areas of the organization, this team will be the leader of the process of awareness, activities and experiences and the follow up to the result of using the tools, success depends on employees becoming active participants, that is our challenge. Our consultants are professionals in administrative and human areas with training in yoga and meditation, this guarantees the orientation of the initiative.

What obstacles, if any, do you foresee in implementing this Idea, and how would they be overcome?

As we have already done research on how beliefs influence creating gratitude environments, the obstacle to overcome is to achieve honesty in people working these beliefs to achieve habits of appreciation, for this, we must sensitize them and train them on issues of being, and constantly doing activities and surrounding them with elements that question their limiting habits. We must work with their conscious and unconscious

How will you test and prototype your solution?

We have already been prototyping and doing internal tests in the organization, we have designs of tools and a model developed as prototype, our challenge is to test it, to measure its impacts and improve it, but we have the population and its approval to do so, besides the knowledge of the university to enrich it

What immediate next steps will you take if you receive an implementation grant.

We are going to start a pilot implementation phase, dedicating time to 100% of our consultants, generating iterations to improve the model and its results. We will also involve university professors and the innovation and entrepreneurship department to provide what is necessary to improve the results

At what stage of development is your Idea?

  • Prototyping: You have conducted some small tests or experiments with prospective users and will continue developing idea through these tests.
  • Piloting: You have started to implement your solution as a whole with a first set of real users. You may have started to develop a business model for your idea, including identifying key customer segments, relevant partnerships, go-to-market strategy, and draft financials.

Please describe from where your Idea emerged

Our idea emerged from the experience working in companies where we had participated in processes of organizational environment with not impact, after several brainstorming with professionals in psychology and practitioners of meditation and yoga, we create a model to impact people and their relations as a backbone of the organization, we realized that we must work on limiting beliefs mainly, for this, we are developing a model that we hope will create new beliefs on the peopleĀ“s minds

Tell us about yourself

We are employees of the Javeriana University in Colombia with training in business administration and psychology and several years receiving the benefits as meditation and yoga practitioners, we are currently responsible for creating a project that improves the work environment and allows people to work happily, for that we create and lead the GOin project, to do it from the thanks.

Where are you / your team located?

Cali , Colombia

Please describe your legal and organizational structure

We are Universidad Javeriana , one of the biggest and most important universities in Colombia ,

Company / Organization Name

Universidad javeriana Cali , and this project has born in consulting and continuing education department


Tell us about your experience

Carlos is the business administrator and has participated in processes of work environment for more than 18 years, identifying impacts, in addition, he has developedt this project for 3 years to get the current model, Cristina is the psychologist, therapist and specialist in the theme of beliefs, both meditation specialists and yoga instructors

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