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Test it for a day!

Create programs like Career day but, have the student go out into the work field.

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Basically create a community program for each day a different job representative comes into a high school or community. This is aimed to high school students who might not be sure what kind of work they would want to do or what they want study in college. For example a firefighter visits on 11/17/2016 and the students signed up to meet or experience the rep gets to go with them to the job (Field trip). This program should be year round but, the work that the high school student missed must be made up eventually and follow the teacher's agenda to avoid academic failure. During these job visits the students learn the basics and following the jobs procedures they should experience the job hands-on.

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I am currently a high school student and honestly I don't know what I want to do in life. I work at a restaurant as a dish washer and it just doesn't feel right for my first job. I would love a program where I get to test out different jobs in reality.


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Hi Hiro!

Thank you for your post. It is an interesting idea! I hope you will post it once the ideas phase opens. 

How can you see the role of Universities and University programmes in this idea? Could there be a connection to the job and a University programme? Could a student just do the programme in their vacation time?

I think you might find this article interesting -

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Of course this could be applied in universities! Maybe the idea can be applied in community colleges first to test the waters and see if it suits the interests of the students. If they want to do this  during their vacation time that's fine, there can be multiple representatives that day for more efficiency. If the university has a undecided programme, I think they can apply this very well with it. The university can partner up with businesses or jobs that are finding more employees, the more businesses partner up the more potential for millennials to find their futures.