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(Professional) Life stories inspire for professional career paths

The Austrian company 'Whatchado' shares videos of interviews with diverse people asking the same 7 questions on their professional path.

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Whatchado (, an Austrian company, collected over 5000 stories from all kinds of professions (waiter, artist, designer, president, nobel laureate, NASA mission planner, ...), asking always the same 7 questions. Those interviews can be excessed by anyone (some interviews also available in EN). The major aim is to give orientation, and one of the questions, asks how that person happened to land in that certain position - there are various paths! You can also answer 14 questions and will be "matched" to persons with certain jobs that answered in a similar way. 

How we think about (life-long) learning and higher education is, in my opinion, influenced by what you set out to become later on.

On the one hand, there is a vast possibility of career choices, many more future professional paths coming into the mix in the following years. On the other hand, kids and youngsters lack orientation of 1) what to become later on and 2) how to get there.

This questions of "What do you want to be when you grow up?" turns into something that pressures, rather than helps as you progress in your educational life. Also, the opportunities to potentially think and explore all professional paths are not equally distributed. If you live in a family of doctors, architects, artists, entrepreneurs, managers, creatives, etc. chances are that you can imagine different ways of professional life (usually the aspect of higher education playing a role). One usually doesn't think along the lines of higher education or higher-qualified jobs when you lack role-models in your life.

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By day I am a learning designer. By night and during every free minute I have, I run my project Creativity Gym ( to pursue two goals: 1) to empower individuals in my community, in schools and in universities with curiosity, creative confidence and design (thinking) skills, 2) to co-design the role of creativity and design literacy in (formal) education and learning. I am a OpenIDEO Vienna Chapter Organizer.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

What if kids and youth had a better way to explore what professional paths are out there in a way, that is relevant for them and does not cause pressure? What if youth had the opportunity to look beyond the role models in their own families? What if youth were supported in an unobtrusive way when they start to think about future professional paths?


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Photo of Joseph Joram

Hi Stephen,
Your website is a great innovation and well done and would be a useful tool in career guidance.

Photo of Stephan Kardos

Hey Joseph,

just to clarify: It is not my website nor my company. I posted this entry as inspiration for the high ed challenge.

But I agree: it is a very innovative and useful tool for career guidance.


Photo of Joseph Joram

Hi Stephen,
Thanks for that clarification and nice to have considered it for the challenge.

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