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Never Heard of It

While my circle of friends have heard of Harvard, TED, EdX & Wikipedia, many have never heard of them.

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I talk a lot. I try to talk to everyone I meet. I was in Macy's and started chatting to the girl behind the cashier desk. After a few minutes, I learned that she had started business school, but hadn't finished due to struggling with costs and time after she got pregnant. I told her about EdX that didn't cost what she thought it would cost and was more flexible than she taught education could ever be. Her eyes lit up with excitement as she had put this dream to bed a decade ago and hadn't looked back. She had lost hope. She went off looking for a pen so she could scribble down the website address. I don't think the problem that needs solving is more educational opportunities, it is how people can learn about the existing and recent advances in education and use them in their lives and careers.

It could have been a Creative Mornings talk that I heard the reason most people don't graduate from Harvard is not because they aren't capable, it is that they have never heard of Harvard. I wasn't really aware of the difference between global top-tier education and regional top-tier education until half-way through my undergraduate degree. I wish I had of known how amazing places like Harvard were at 14 years old so I could have prepared for them earlier.

I met an inner-city kid recently of the same age and asked him had he heard of Harvard? He asked was that a neighbourhood in the suburbs of Memphis, TN? If you've never heard of the top schools, it is very hard to get accepted.

Note: Most EdX courses are currently taken by those who already have advanced degrees.

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Youth and  Students need advocates...not parents to direct them. Rather people who listen, reveal opportunities and guide the in pursuit of thier dreams.

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