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Knowmads - An Alternative MBA program that takes you on the road

Bring educational purpose back to the center of MBA program.

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"At Knowmads, we teach students to ask questions, instead of pushing them through a fixed programme or ‘chicken factory assembly line’ designed programme."

Knowmads is an alternative 6-months MBA program, that Knowmads students come from all over the world to learn, to get to know themselves, uncover their strengths and become leaders and pioneers of positive change. Here is a Tedx Peter did to explain their education philosophy. 

The perception of the future of work constantly evolves, there is more attention to a combination of global-digital-nomadic lifestyle and learning. There are more and more knowmads who is a nomadic knowledge worker, a creative, imaginative and innovative person who can work with almost anyone, anytime, anywhere. 

It tries to bring back the purpose of learning according to their mission to build a business school. 

Business: All businesses are created and run by people. Therefore, being able to connect, to effectively communicate, to inspire and to collaborate with others is what we see as the core of business.”

School: “From ancient Greek: “Time held for yourself”. Leisure time to use for learning & important life insights. Not job skills, but insights that help you understand who you were and who you might become in an examined life.”

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I am a founding class student at Minerva School, a very experimental college that takes students to 7 countries during 4 years. Now studying psychology and philosophy, i am really interested in learning about learning.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

1 Leaning space is ever expanding given the technology that connects people. Lots of programs are centered around bringing traveling, global immersion experiences back to education. 2 Thinking about the future of work is highly relevant to the future of education.


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@Lucy Chen...that's a cool setup! Every city needs one of those.

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