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How can we incorporate summer break and giving back?

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I feel there is a current need for prospective students who do not know which direction to educationally focus on. Today, there are ending High School students who may be lost and need knowledge regarding what major would be applicable to their life as a new College student. Also, there are older prospective students who may be directionally lost as to what a real College student majors in that will apply in real life. If current College students could get into the community of High school, or those who may be in a city local program and want to take their education further can access current college students who major in different fields. There could be five students that major in different fields, and could take on the responsibility of mentoring those who want to see the major first hand before embarking upon a major that may not be the greatest fit.

 No one wants to waste time being halfway through College and finding out that the major they thought they would love turns out to not be what they thought. Financial Aid money is valuable, and to waste the money and not complete college the whole way is a waste of time for the student and discourages further education.

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Hi Heather, I think this could be a great program- having current college students mentor younger ones before they graduate. I think it would be great if maybe there was a set system, like starting sophomore year students have to get a college mentor in something they are interested in. They are welcome to change as many times as they feel they need to. I think it would also be nice if older students who are applying could talk to a mentor for a few months before they start.

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Thank you Alexina

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