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A platform to find, track and measure informal & formal learning experiences e.g. TED talks, MOOCs, articles & discover your gaps

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"Make learning a daily habit with Degreed. Capture all your learning - professional, informal, in the moment, and on the go - and get credit for it. With millions of resources in one place, Degreed helps you find, track, and measure the best learning materials from anywhere."

(Source: Degreed app site)

Degreed is available as a web-based platform and an app.

My user experience

I just created my own account in Degreed and selected that I wanted to improve my skills in design (wireframes and user experience).

I was then given recommendations on articles to read, books, courses, videos, and people in the Degreed network with the skills I wish to acquire. 

I selected a 3 minute YouTube video and then marked it as complete and typed a sentence on what I had learned. 

This video is now saved to my profile along with my comment on what I learned.  I earned 0.1 pts.

Specifically, please check all that apply:

  • An Individual

Tell us about your work experience:

I am the Community Guide for this challenge. I have studied at Birmingham, Nottingham and Leeds University in the UK and graduated with qualifications in Biochemistry, Toxicology, and Environmental Management. I have held a number of jobs including being a TEFL teacher and energy analyst.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

How can we track all our learning experiences for ourselves and future employers / customers? How can we find the gaps in our learning experiences?


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A modern and wonderful socks method, I enjoyed your post sharing, thank you for posting

Photo of Meera M

This is great! Thanks for sharing, Kate.

Photo of Erik Kokkonen

I was meeting with a Learning & Development professional at a Fortune 500 today, and he said that he has been really impressed with Degreed as a way to give employees credit for knowledge they are acquiring and sharing within the enterprise. His challenge (like most L&D functions) are budget constraint.

Photo of Kate Rushton

Thanks, Erik! I wonder if Degreed could be part of the appraisal process and be used by employees to demonstrate that they were reading widely and keeping abreast of developments in their sector.

Photo of Kate Rushton

Based on my personal experiences, some weaknesses in Degreed:

It did not monitor if I actually watched the video.

It gave me a generic question to answer at the end (e.g. What is this video about?) and I don’t think anyone read my answer. It does not test the application of the information.

It does not track ‘real world’ learning experiences.

Good points:

Easy to use and quite intuitive

I get daily reminders nudging me to ‘learn’ something

I have a snapshot of all of my ‘learnings’ which I could share with current/future employees

Photo of Gabriel Landowski

I think what is required is some similar use of an algorithm such as the one Google uses to figure out validity of search results. Obviously the variables involved would be different, but the point is that "proving" you know something needs to be based on as many points as possible in order to give your knowledge about the topic validity. It would be great to integrate this with Facebook and LinkedIn (all other social media) to allow a Degreed option so you can nominate yourself or allow others to weigh in on your skill.

Photo of Gabriel Landowski

This is awesome - exactly what I have always thought except I feel we should start tracking well before college!

Photo of Lucy Chen

hi Kate Rushton  I think this is a very interesting second order organization that emerged from open information platforms like Coursera, EdX, who are experimenting their own degree system as well.

Degreed has something new to incorporate both big and small pieces of information and help us to monitor our leanring journey. However, I think it requires high motivation from the learners and users to even be aware that there are different levels of learning opportunities.

Two more thoughts:
1 Speaking of this, I think of a more radical form of crediting various learning outcomes - Open Badges
it is a EU + Mozilla technical toolset for alternative education programs to develop their own badge/credit system.

2 How can this be more connected for career. This reminds me of "endorsement" function of LinkedIn, which is highly underused or abused.

Photo of Madiha Ahmed

This is a brilliant concept for Lifelong Learning.
I was exploring options and it looks like you have it here.

Kate,I have certain ideas planned for future to help me be a life long learner.
Do I share them here or in the Ideas phase ?

Thanks ! I am checking out the links you shared. So very interesting ! :)

Photo of Kate Rushton

Hi Madiha! Please would you post your ideas in the ideas phase so they can be considered by the sponsors. Degreed is interesting. However, there are limits to Degreed and there is always room for alternatives, add-ons etc.

Photo of Madiha Ahmed

Kate,I surely will.
I will find those note pads and share my ideas in the above mentioned phase.

I joined Degreed. Thank you for sharing such wonderful resources in your articles and comments.I have saved them all. :)

Photo of Jim Johnson

I love the concept of tracking and documenting all forms of education and skills. Strengths and weaknesses. There are so many ways to obtain capabilities. Competency is the net result of education/training and a way to rate or measure abilities would be valuable. Who should own the platform? If universities own the metrics, will they accept other credits and sources of education? A fair and accurate assessment of capabilities and competencies, not only from educators, but from employers and coworkers would be beneficial. I could imagine it would be like a FICO credit score only related to education and skills. Interesting!

Photo of Gregory Wilson

I think it would be great if universities could implement Degreed or a similar platform. Students spend 75% of their time outside the classroom so there needs to be a way to capture the learning that happens then. Any idea what institutions give credit for using Degreed? I couldn't find any information on their website.

Photo of Kate Rushton

Hi Gregory! I have sent Degreed a message this morning. As soon as they get back to me, I will post the answer here.