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Academic Advising Inventory

A better way of advising academic advising

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In recent years, institutions and higher educational professionals have highlighted the importance of academic advising. Academic advisors do more than just help students schedule for courses. They help students make sense of their educational journey. Advising is an important part of retention and student engagement. However, while advising is a necessary and important part of higher education, many schools do not have a formal evaluation practice in place. Those that do evaluate rely heavily on surveys that mainly evaluate student satisfaction. Many times, student’s don’t understand the importance of advising until after it’s happened. NACADA, the National Academic Advising Association has created the AAI (Academic Advising Inventory) to better evaluate advisors based on the concept of Developmental Advising. Rather than evaluating on student satisfaction alone, this tool evaluates advisors and places them on a continuum from Prescriptive to Developmental. If more schools focus on evaluating advisors, specifically using the AAI, institutions can improve advising and begin to improve a student’s higher education experience.

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Winston, R.b. Jr., Sandor, J. A. (2002). Academic Advising Inventory. Retrieved November 25, 2016 from

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I am currently the Graduate Assistant for Academic Advising at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania. I am currently enrolled in Messiah's Master of Higher Education Program.


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