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University Rating For Impact & Communities

An alternative ranking system for universities which provides new insights for students entering the higher education system.

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N.B. Credit for the idea goes to a team from the Shanghai Chapter OpenIDEO event - Edupractical (see video). 

The problem:

Students are very uninformed on what are the best universities for them and often don’t decisions suitable for their future. Currently, students simply look at university ranking systems that are often based on arbitrary factors that don’t relate back to applicable ways in a student’s career. 

The solution:

Create a new alternative platform that focuses specifically on rating the university’s ability to help grow future leaders in terms of impact. This is looking at how they develop communities, interaction, and systems that connect the local to the global. 

By changing how we measure success, we change how universities are run. By rating universities on their ability to create leaders that create positive impact for communities, it is applying pressure for them to improve their education processes and curriculum. At the same time, it allows for students to make one of the most important decisions of their lives in an informed manner. 

This idea emerged from:

  • An OpenIDEO outpost or chapter


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Hi William & Team.
I love the idea of re-measuring universities and putting more emphasis on the degree's value upon graduation and the graduate's ability to become a valuable member of society.
I do wonder if other than the sole value of graduates in metrics that will often seemingly belong to the work force, you will factor in the pure academic value of an institution? What if people put more value on intellectual stimulation during their studies rather than more soft skills values?

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