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Future School - Update: Feb 24 APP - User Interface draft

Education: Real Time, Real World and Real Fun. It's time for Education to install its updates!

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When students are interested in a topic, they learn more and they retain it longer.

It’s accelerated learning. That’s what Future School is all about. 

We don't push education...we pull it. Instead of redesigning education from the past, Future School is designed from the future backwards. It’s like nothing you have seen before...but it's a synthesis of everything in the world today.

What does the curriculum look like at Future School?

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If you love learning...welcome to your new playground. It's student-centric and self building. It’s real time in both scope and schedule. The input for the system comes from many different sources (hundreds). Two of which are the  student's interest and the teacher’s insights. The system asks users questions it needs to know to develop itself. The more users on the system, the better the system and the more current is stays. The input data drives evolving algorithms and thus makes each student's curriculum fully tunable. The number of tunable variables also increases with the students growth.

The smartphone is the main tool. It’s primary use is communication and project documentation. However, a smartphone can be used for 100+ different tools or machines, like a frequency generator for example. 

What does a student's work look like at Future school?

A student's job is to work on their curriculum. Follow their computer organized schedule which they created for themselves. Which also forms their Digital Resume or “portfolio” as they complete the tasks and projects. They are also training the AI with every-key stroke.

Workshop-Level 2

Their app doesn't feel like an app, if feels like a friend who lives in their phone. It gives a selection of tasks and projects to work on next. Some projects are individual and some are team.  

Collaboration is an important future skill. The people who become good at it will have more opportunities.

Common interests can attract like minded people and produce both passionate and meaningful projects. Local people can meet, play, work and learn together based on a common interests.

The curriculum system is also plugged into all the project platforms around the world. Projects are also created internally to ensure the right mix of students and teachers to produce optimized project development testing.

Individual projects can be as small as researching a word's meaning or as large as building a car. Project selection by the student also determines the curriculum they need to complete the project and the project's time-frame. Students can also generate and input their own projects. This also generates curriculum content and sets them up to be future teachers or mentors. The app also takes project data input from students to further build the curriculum system and develop career paths to follow as per Pathfinding.

What does a teacher's job look like at Future School?

Teachers have a more meaningful job than just teaching...their focus is on guiding students. They observe and recommend. For example, if a teacher sees a student working on something which will require a quadratic equation to solve...they simply drop a quadratic equation “tag” in the student's profile via their smartphone app and it gets added to students curriculum input. This learning data is open to all the teachers, mentors and other staff. Students can have many mentors both globally and locally.  Mentors can check in with their students when every they have time. Online globally or “Inclass” locally. There are several other key staff member types to facilitate a full learning experience.

Me scheming with other evil geniuses

Teachers only teach what they are passionate about and students can only attend classes if they are interested in learning, motivated. Passionate teachers and interested students makes great knowledge transfer (education). Learning responsibility is defaulted to the students, in some ways students behave more like employees. And teachers play a “Manager” or “Team Leader” role similar to the real economy. 

Teachers socialize and discuss their students, projects and the curriculum. Teacher collaboration makes every student's education better. 

What does the Future School facility look like?

Base School - Open Workspace

Like any app or platform...the curriculum is just a tool.

Real learning comes from doing and then reflecting on what you have done. But, if people want to work on something, they need a space, materials and tools.

Base School is the solution. Like a high tech makerspace with an experimental academic agenda. The space is designed as a green tech playground for adults and young people. CEO’s say one of the top skills missing in graduates is creativity. So Future Schools are designed with creativity maximization in mind. Projects don't need to be profit driven. There are many other project “drivers” available.

The most critical part, and which is not visible, is the organizational culture. The culture thinks globally and acts locally. Focuses on developing “Growth Mindset” in students. Students become master problem solvers and productive team members. The Base Schools are the flagship centers where all the education Research and Development happens.

The secondary locations are FuSchool's , and they can be anywhere! Anywhere which meets a project’s needs. It might be at home for an individual, if more tools are required it might be at a local FabLab. If a team needs really advanced equipment, then it will be on a university campus. Just like a seed can become a tree, FuSchool's can start with a single project, grow, self-organize and eventually grow to be certified  BaseSchool.

Another huge aspect of the system is the “Knowledge Network”. The network is the plugin slot for the global and local world organizations and people. There is a huge list of organizations plugged into the school as both inputs and outputs. Diversity is very important. However,preference is given to organizations who are forward thinking and working on Positive Disruption.

Future School doesn't feel like a feels like an adventure.

It’s hard work and thus just as rewarding.


User Story - Tai, 17 , An hour in his day at Future School.

Past Prototypes

Prototype 1 Ground zero (no one showed up and everything got stolen) Age 18+

Prototype 2 Office 13  Age 7-26

Prototype 3 MTC (Minion Training Center) Age 4-13

Prototype 4 Dungeon 12 Age 13+

Prototype 5 Creative Space Age 4-7

Prototype 6 Mad Labs Age 18+

Current Prototypes

Prototype 7 Layer 3 (Kids Studio) Age 7-16 

Prototype 8 EVIL (Electric Vehicle Innovation Lab) Age 17-26

Future Prototypes

Prototype 9 APP Design Age 17-26

Prototype 10 AI Start point all ages

Prototype 11 ProtoBase  Age 13-26 

Then a full size BaseSchool 


10 Year Timeline and 5 year Forecast



Is the methodology or operating system. Every organization has its own unique culture and methods. BaseSchool will be running TmaxRD to maximize learning. This Methogology is the compilation of many different system. For example, The main therios we use is "Growth Mindset"


Is the connection or interface for everyone. It's like a project accelerator in your pocket. And the more people who use it, the better it gets. Each user Dashboard is one of many templates, but they are very simple and common in the beginning. 


The Educational Artificial Intelligence has many jobs at FutureSchool.  It also calculates all the things we need AI brain to calculate. For example, it can create a schedule that maximizes everybody individual schedules in nanoseconds.I will allow us to run Real Time Curriculum.

 allows student to think in many ways that a human brain can't. It's like having a second brain with faster and different thinking abilities than yours.


The physical space or school where all the education research and development happens


 These can be anywhere a project is. It can also can be grown from one person to a Base School.

Who is your idea designed for and how does it reimagine higher education to support the needs of tomorrow?

BaseSchool is designed to put the life back into high school and postsecondary. But age is not a restriction, if you can do the work, you're in! The APP and AI have no age restrictions. Students can search for projects relevant to what they are currently studying. Matching this is the task of the AI. Underemployed youth can also practice what they went to school for or explore a new field. It will also generate a large number of teaching and staff jobs.

This idea emerged from:

  • A group brainstorm
  • A student brainstorm
  • An OpenIDEO outpost or chapter
  • An individual
  • A Design Jam or Workshop event

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

I have the spent 5 years working on this idea. I have lots of detail, but I'm not good at organizing the details. I need help convening the concept to people. So please ask me as many questions as possible. This will help define the system. Also the community member can feel free to test their educational idea through Future School AI. The more diversity in educational approaches we experiment with, the more we learn about the mysteries of learning.

What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

I've built a couple spaces and run dozens of projects. Most of which did not meet my expectations. But I learned a lot. The next project, #9 will begin in mid February. It is a large group project 30 people. We will be building Stage 1,2 of a self driving car. We will be partnering with 3 Universities and several businesses.

Tell us about your work experience:

Engineering and Business background. Leadership and Change. I have over 8000+ hours of experimental education class data. I'm currently developing a new education system to fill in the holes, of the current system.. However, the long term goal (20 years) is to account for 10% of the world's education system. This is has become more than work for me, it's a life goal, I'll be doing it until I die. I also make (and break) things daily.

How would you describe this idea while in an elevator with someone? 2-3 sentences.

We can create education that will turn 10% of the future generations into master problems solvers. And then we show them how to apply their interests and passions to solve world problems. After a lot of failure and growth, they will be confident in their abilities and wise in their actions.

What is the specific problem your idea is trying to solve? 1 sentence.

It's time for Education to install its updates! Learning doesn't have to be boring or oppressive anymore.

How is your idea different or unique from what is currently on the market?

It's run by an evil genius. Whahaha (evil laugh). As for current market, Degreed is one of the closest functioning concepts. It can be one of the inputs for FutureSchool. Where Future School is much more than just reading about a topic, it's full topic immersion. This creates a much richer learning environment. But, experiencing Degreed this past month has got me very excited about the potential for my dream school, FutureSchool.

How do you plan to measure the impact of your idea?

There are few ways:
Parents feedback on their children's mindset growth and behavior. It's a subjective opinion of parents, but it does give some feedback.
Obvious improvements in the student's abilities. Their projects are proof of personal improvement.
Testing, the EDU AI constantly tests and records the students knowledge base.
There is a database of feedback from, teachers, mentors and team members. Peer guidance.

How might your idea be transferable to a large number of people?

The APP, AI, FUschools and BaseSchools in every major city. And a bunch of people building cool things cool things!

What are your immediate next steps after the challenge?

Choose a best fit incubator and or city
Finalize the core startup team.
Find "good" seed funding for a Prototype Base School (ProtoBase) location.
Fund APP/AI and development real time while running ProtoBase.


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Thanks Isaac Jumba , yours is looking good too, great progress. I'm excited to do a collaboration project with you.

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That will be really great. Will be looking forward

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