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T.I.L. (Today I learned) App UPDATE: OpenIDEO Vienna Chapter - Higher Ed Idea Generation Jam

Capture, process and learn on your breakthrough moments of the day.

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Note: this idea has been co-created at the OpenIDEO Vienna Chapter Idea Generation Jam (

This app or device helps you to extract your insights gained from daily life. 

Voice to text recognition captures your (daily) "aha-moments" and help you place them within the context of your personal learning journey database.

TIL will help you form positive reinforcement for your learning and will keep you engaged with its point based gamification elements.

After consistent use of TIL, the databank of daily learnings will offer a rich and complex profile of your interests and even offer career advice. Using the "following" feature, you will receive prompts to follow other learners.

TIL will  also suggest articles, studies, courses and videos available for further learning.

Who is your idea designed for and how does it reimagine higher education to support the needs of tomorrow?

Designed for users anywhere on their learning journey, TIL grows with you. For creative outliers who are on their own unique journey. For misfits who are dissatisfied with what traditional learning institutions has offered them. For highly motivated and successful individuals who want to add yet another layer to their personal growth.

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Photo of Max Noble

Hey Stephan, I've been running a test like this using Twitter for awhile. Everytime I have one of those moments i tweet it to myself. @thoughtrecord. Now it would be interesting to examine the data.

Other input data I would like to see would be, What were you doing at the time? What did you eat that morning? Sleep pattern data from the night before? etc.

I think there might be a gold mine of revelations in the data correlations as well.

Photo of Stephan Kardos

Hey Max Noble - thx for your comment. What kind of data would you like to see visualized / processed when looking at your entries? Why, exactly? What insights to you strive for? How come that context plays such a role in your experiment?

Thx for sharing some thoughts of yours :)

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