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Meaning and purpose of work

Virtual alighnment lens

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'Industrial /censuses Education Opportunitys In desighn thinking initiatives'

Origin of lifes’ primitive lifeforms cognitive evolution ethical purpose in lifes Mechanology path of life Enlightenedment Re-imagine education .

Well I am a protestant and I see Tommorrows education as I had expected opportunitys of higher goal setting/Stewardship trends and proletariat professional , missionary, architect creative-arts lifepath as there are much reasources than disciplined classroom exercises in planned educational employment lifepath. As an establishment of life carrer path options. To participate is to obtain the active incentives and understanding that bind reasource of human’ the capable orthodox biological inheritance, ‘ adaptation to purpose of generic lifepath alighnment inheritance of practice , exercise ,knowledge , wisdom instilled through the ancient customs of domestic chronicles that life path resolutions are made of and kept.

The desighn Thinking Foundation offers a Thinking School Accreditation process. The framework they use for a school to achieve accreditation is based on 5 Key Areas for Reflection and 15 Criteria representing the vision of directly facilitating thinking as a foundation for early childhood through adult education and for nurturing all students as global citizens. These Key Areas and Criteria are useful descriptors for defining a Thinking School:

The indications are that placing cognition at the heart of the education enterprise and developing ways of establishing explicit links between critical and creative thinking and high quality autonomous learning and pro-social behaviour can have enormous benefits for the students, the ethos of the schools, and for the wider community.


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Institutions reasources of priority network power supported are a generic beneficiary of the chartered connectivity in the life world decendance of knowledge, life standards ‘values, property ,quality ‘monumental liberation of desighn thinking {Christian soldier} are humility of re-desighned institutional tailisman of human revelations and sensual learning endeavors: textures ,palate , intuition , touch 'conscious sense, driving impetus of knowledge, wisdom ‘ purpose behind initiative of life reasource of socialethic survival/exsistence .

HIEROGLYPHIC-divine-virtue of virtualreality {binary/dna}

World purpose of Man-world-duty-service participate in the life parables of world truth factors/variables /disciples of universe specific function-process-operation-merges with ethical superstition of how specific fields of hieroglyphic endeavor are unified to all life purpose and are meant as industrial artifacts of trends, missionarys of natural intuition/initiative , leaders of ambition focus and concentration all which need to be mended of the generic transformation from the biographic manuscript in life {dna} process developedment and growth utilizing the strength of the worlds synchronized biological tradition of life and world of replicating lifeforms an inquiry of a self knowledge elite learning magnitude or capacity of lifes chronicles, ‘the world fundamental logistic values , qualitys , propertys ,reasources of lifes geometric endeavor ' the world triangular alighnment constance of educations social ethical constant of human  lifepath culture .


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Stewardship guidance into transforming creations null hypothesis into useable reasource of the triangular constants in life cerrebrial conciousness of man and his interaction with the world fundemental logic principals. The collective processes rendered of the observation that the w orld are a compliance in a single entity thats implied by God 'The father' God 'the son' and God 'The holy ghost' and we would observe the logic and reason in his scripture word of gospel and come to the conclusion could represent and influence the ethical intelligence of materialism in technology of man even though the ethical sciences are a substancially practiced way of life and holds it's value of divine operating protocol in our present age .  man are the natural anthropologic instruction for fullfillment of logistic in creation and many other theory and superstition' as the logos instrument of creation .

The logos manuscripts of the alighnment instrument used to varify the worlds biographic manuscripts of man for translation of creations social life path hypothesis (life primary protocol)' the stewardship mission to justiy of the consectutive or concurrent measures of life variable factors for life consistent theorys enabled to create and follow the methodoloical world implications of world adaptapive decendants in faith the lifes providence of hierolyphic processes , developement and growth ‘truth of life’ cultural ways and habits to appreciate and honor life in respect to it’s volcation of preservation , guidance ,knowledge to it’s sacred exsistence of it’s natural alighnment with all endowed endeavors of life creation green environment /superstitions psuedoscience theory in practice (horticultural society)  Enabliing engineering topology of creations hieroglyphic basic essentials-nessesitys values flow for world hierolyphic enterprise architecture in desighn theory..

Work dedicated to instruction committment of divine authentic creation image interpretation to scale with world geographic function of coordinate  mans .

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The hiroglyphic selfsustainance of mans mechanology a translation of the scalable mechanology class that is human oriented idea stage and not industrial concepts or productivity driven standard . Carefully defined intellectual property of creations primary protocols ,natural intuition of world developedment reflecting the purpose of salvation and manifestation and serrenity to the worlds sequencial forces and matter in unification of the worlds natural learning theory decending from the higher education censuses of compassion in technology and compliance to the hypothesis that there were world support followed by all living things of life survival traits and trades in mechanology of psuedoscience reasources facillitating the grounds for all ideology of life exsistence and providence for the hypothesis that man ultamitly followed the most rewarding compilatiory set of these survival principals through his superior life standing as true inheritor of world anthropology/ life fields of endeavor demonstrated through the works of his contribution in the methodological compliance of survivals direction of hiroglyphic self sufficiency challenging as it might be.

To create a higher schooling principal by converting the Persuant trust into Alighned evolution of anthropological congregation of the mystic logic in creations gospel co-ordinate 'missletoe of geographic constitution Anthropology a scholar lineage interactive with the purposeful trades of the prime meridian geology of adaptive life standards of implemented coherence and manifest to schooling of creations United alliance of life form purpose 'man ,world and animal of unified worlds perfection and precision abides life's survival and exsistence the whole  with the guidance to modification of learning scriptures  enlightenedment and fulfillment of the gospel word or code deciphered the providence of the preparations path manifestation of the divine experience ie. to observe the land flowing of milk and honey and all fascination of life instruments and siren of life connectivity . To educate or inherit the social equity of functional capacity.

on the architecture schematic of the spiritual inheritance implied by the sources of the demographic data which reflects the world geographic regions as nations of mystic natural reasources in aboundance of the purpose proposed to function with the balance of a manmade life experience in world revelation of civilization. The methodology of lifes directive incentives instruction of survival path’ for where survival path is met is where all matter of life source power and connectivity is at the disposal of man’ to make the decisions and done his part in the defending the states of optimal connectivity in the elemental property of survival and will to survive in lifeform world creation. The binary manifestation of humanbeing collective dutys surrenity wellbeing and commongood and initiative will to execute gods will to survive and exsist and defend all at means attended to his bountiful glory. The process of values and qualitys is to recreate the experience of world so to build them up and raise them high in alliance to the providence all former decendants of logos have and learn from them in the finest hours of mans wit and charm as stoics . For the freedoms of life truly reflect the control of environment variables and factors in the gospel constants

Re imagine higher education with the fundamental foundation of our life customs exercises and practices .

Mentors and decendants of the sacred faith –Sacred lands learning to implicate noble entity of the training and tuteledge in environment social cultivation world industry through observation of animate and inanimate hypothesis in search of the ethical and true selfsustainance potencial which regarded the intellectual capacity and compliance to fulfill the self sustainance perception of life through the antiquity of human social cultural ethics ‘creations composite of values, property and qualitys.

Tuteledge of world lifeform Institution-incubator-congregation the generic lineage of equilibrium, equality ,selfsustainance , to build a millennium of world generic/ hereditary lineage of all livingthings from virtual reality through cognitive connectivity concentration/focus in alighnment and symmetry of unified earth air water fire estoric elemental sense of deciphers the fortitude in vertical anatomic compliance to the world unified sequencial generic fundamental logic,’ expertice of life ,mechanology of function and operation of destiny. Everything the body needs.

The ordinance of the skills as a response to the mystic tradition where priority in life were to conceive an enrichedment portfolio justifying the scientific studies of the desighn thinking environmental doctorine of life work ,social laughfter, water ,bread ,wine, family ,social peers ,implicating the principals to induce power of enlightenedment through virtuous activitys of the congregation/family obligations commitment customs , practices,bringing fullfillment to world by interacting into regiemen of political, entrepreneur, architecture , stewardship enterprise purpose or commongood of offering the gifts of inheritance to the service of duty to noble society through immunization of earths lifeform equalibrium as an apprentis or entrepreneur to the journey of the life path service in life .

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The point I want to make here is in life the biographic manuscripts that secured the cultural tradition of man abiding to the engineering fundamental stewardship regiemen of world

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Actor or agent or player  in the administrative guidance of lifes stewardship dynasty of ethical sciences co-ordinated in collective compliance of mans unified georaphic purpose to translate/decypher creations manifested folklore ‘of the logos. honoring the virtual reality of world perfection and precision for world truth manifested of the logos . To complete higher education of life is essentially and explicintly an experience of life from the preparation to inherit a new dynasty a more gratifiing and adaptive guidance path of life participation so that a plan indestined will be in account to judgedment and testimony and of no missarrangedment from the best innovative guidance engineering or technologys of this modern age that are unique arrangedment to the original genes of the world creator  .

Who is your idea designed for and how does it reimagine higher education to support the needs of tomorrow?

It defines the paradism of the constant forces that support our exsistence here on earth and to the extent that we can use them to our abilitys in a scenario that we are yet to meet.

This idea emerged from:

  • A group brainstorm

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

collaborating the sacred messages of the reasearch materials can extend furthering into ventures of this sort.

What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

life path ideas and programmes to relate the proceedence direction or instruction diligence dedication of affairs confident social benifactor.

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Theres always a chance to connect and organize protocol and priority in life as long as theres the driving impetus.


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Hi Mike,

I am not sure I completely understand your idea. Would you tell me what your idea is in one sentence? Would you tell me what is the next step for your idea?

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