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A system to encourage, learning, teaching, critical thinking, & help improve the education & health of children through UNICEF donations.

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Who is your idea designed for and how does it reimagine higher education to support the needs of tomorrow?

Use cases: - You are professional looking to improve your skills and would like to discuss the material that you found on the internet, - You are interested in a topic and would like to follow a 1rst class at minimal cost, - You are a student, the material in your class is difficult, but you found other sources that could help and would like to discuss them with a qualified “mentor”. Mode of operation: -The proposed system allows to link learners and mentors around online class material.

This idea emerged from:

  • An individual

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

-Social platform software development experience, -Interest level to become a possible student or mentor, using the proposed system, -Suggestions on how to develop reward mechanisms that would rate mentors' success and students' learning progress, -How to complete the proposal in order to include class projects that would allow the validation of college credits.

What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

Ask a person interested in learning new skills to find an online class within my field of expertise, contact 2 other people who and interested as well and organize a Q&A mentoring session that follows the class moderation timing schedule described in slide 6 of the attachement.

Tell us about your work experience:

10 years of advanced R&D in the field of semiconductors, following 8 years of higher education (Masters & PhD) during which I have followed classes and mentored students who are now successfull in their own career paths.
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Margaret Hill

Role added on team:

"Hello Margaret, I wish to add you as a Team Member as I agree upon the point of your contribution that states the importance of allowing more direct contact between teachers and learners. My contribution describes a system that adresses the point. I would be interested to have your opinion!"

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William Morris

Role added on team:

"Hello William, I have looked at your contribution, which I find very interesting! I have noted several commonalities with my own proposal: favors the users over the platform, classes are mentored upon student demand and are available at a very low price, teachers earn a living (increases based-upon their success). I am looking forward to the possibility of further discussing the topic with you and push forward those ideas!"

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Emma Kolakowski

Role added on team:

"Hello Emma, I wish to add you as a Team Member in order to push forward the idea of increasing one-on-one teacher/learner time. The project that I propose describes a system where teachers discuss class material with 3 willing students at a time (an option allows other students to listen to the discussion, but they are only allowed to ask questions at the end of the mentoring session). Looking forward to further discussing the topic!"

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Sachenka Pichardo

Role added on team:

"Hello Sachenka, I am adding you as a Team Member as I believe that your proposal complements well the initial learning process phase that I adress in the project that I submitted. I believe that the best way to improve the learning experience is by allowing the students to use asap what they have learned on actual projects. Looking forward to future discussions on how to make this possible!"

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Role added on team:

"Hi Paul, I would like to add you as a Team Member as I have just looked at your contribution which links Facebook & MOOC. My own proposal also relies on MOOC and links teachers and learners through a social platform. In the slides of my project, I mentionned Facebook as a starting point to build the platform, as I believe that its pre-existing social graphs and functionnalities could be of great value. I would be gratefull of any feedback on how to further push forward this common idea!"

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Photo of Jessica Vechakul

Cool idea! Could you collaborate with other MOOC platforms like Coursera or EDX? Hope to hear more about your idea!

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Hello Jessica,
Thanks a lot for your feedback!
I believe that the system that I propose could directly complement the EDX platform, as its classes are openly and freely available.
Regarding Coursera , in its current state, I am not sure, as from my understanding, only a limited number of courses are available in an open format.
The goal of the MOOC-augmented system would be to direct most of the profit to the users (teachers, learners, children), rather than the platform itself.
Thanks in advance for any further inputs or comments!

Photo of Kate Rushton

Hi Julien!

It is great to see you in the ideas phase. I have a few questions.

What would make someone a qualified “mentor”? Would they have certain qualifications, x number of years of experience, industry connections etc.?

Have you read the Co-Curricular Transcripts post in the research phases? It might give you a few ideas on how to accredit the learning.

Photo of Julien Buckley

Hello Kate,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to adress these questions.

What would make someone a qualified “mentor”? Would they have certain qualifications, x number of years of experience, industry connections etc.?

----> Within the framework of the MOOC-augmented proposal, a community teacher (="mentor") will have to express his motivation to moderate a class (he can provide information about his personal experience, CV etc.) and the profile information that he chooses to share will be accessible (number of mentored classes, student reviews...)

----> The class requester (student), chooses the prefered teacher based upon the previous information.

Have you read the Co-Curricular Transcripts post in the research phases?

----> From my understanding of the Co-Curricular Transcripts system, a college can recognize learning outside of the classroom. In the given example, it is shown that the system validates participation, but does not measure any level of performance or the completion of a goal.

----> The MOOC-augmented system will allow community members to display the classes that they have followed, but I believe that the experience should be completed with the possibility of conducting projects that adress the studied topics and with measurable outcomes, such as: advancing the state of the art in terms of knowledge, or solving an unanswered problem.