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Life passed on through the nostrils of pedogogi

A connection with world sequencial generic life ideology

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And lay claim to the territory of global network activeness, priority, emergency, promptness of regiemens intermittent lifecycle timeframe system efficiency delivery to facillitate endeavor of human humility global intel/information

Principls of life the scripture of knowledge the natural instincts for adaptive censuses order law serrenity that implicate logistics {artifacts mistletoe collective life path}then further factual decision to the culmulative observed evolving locally of ritual orthodox representing the explicint presents to virtue of miracles by worlds collective reassurance with the property and values integrated definition in life scripture, defining and interpreting the life "values flow" as a matter of energy transcening from the assighnment of life miracles on the explicint path of knowledge, wisdom, time . destiny truth ajacent and relative of the lifes property eneavor and ontology of creations biologic and geographic and chem lifecycle make-up the logical generic intellience of life force {DNA} life the strong aptive hereditary genes of the survival/exsistence epoc intel/information of the life reltive unified energy that builds structure/stimulus of tommorrow if everything does it's job and goes accoring to plan as is affored in the testament of genesis divine virtues of life 

This is the testament to the identity of logos {capsule of message} an the mission epoc and of the provience that were encountered at the completion of the mission. At that time the earth had broken the mystery of prosperity from the explicint plan of life and has undertaken a defined message from the true relity to bring completeness to assighnment of the scripture of the collective definition or life identity scripture for man to inherit conciousness of hiroliphic methodology as an assighnment of life purpose and concern.

from this we want to identify an define all means of life from the mentoring of the mystic tradition sect topoloy deed of work defined or interpreted throuh the aid of the worlds collective methodoloy of an accountble and productive oranization of creating a vortex that prototypes human immitating character of world forces and actions of life principals serrender him to gametheory stratedy to his advantage of superior ability in life principal as are prescribed throughout mystic society of ancient trditions,' generically tailore to suit the profficient capable and competant tasks for mans exsistence of supremcy an life survival theory eroronomic equalibrium in the innovative ecology {wild kindom} of man there he eploits the trades of orthoox life prophecy of survival esistence in world virtual reality and world truth and shares a productive relationship with atmosphere and environment and divine provience.hope salvation serrenity to adapt to the compliance of vortex which socialethic and mechanoloy play a vital role in equalibrium of the skills exercised and practice to sustain competance of environmental providence unified with world adaptive life force artifact of scripture tool and die ect . in man the pyscoloical intent emotion to represent the reasources of gratification selfsufficiency and other thearaputic stimulus of union through the conneectedness of mans human resources work principal throuh the innovative enteprise of life vocation .

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Hi Mike, interesting post! Any chance you could find an image to go along with it? Images help grab attention and tell a story. You should be able to use the Edit Contribution button on the top of your post and follow the instructions to add images from there. Looking forward to seeing more of your inspiring insights on OpenIDEO.