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How to Create More One-On-One Time Between Professors and Students

While also connecting students and providing them with more classmates to help and get help from.

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Smaller student-teacher ratios have been described as beneficial to students by creating the ability for students to easily talk with the professor about what that individual student struggles with.  This could be more widely implemented by recording lectures and publishing them online.  This would give professors more one on one time with students, as they would not be giving lectures to hundreds of students at a time.  Students could follow the series of lectures for a course on their own time, resulting in more class time for solving problems.  The lectures could be discussed with the rest of the class, the professor, and the TA's if the platform the lectures were shared on allowed a private comments section for the class to discuss the lecture.  This would also give students the ability to gain better understanding of the topic by hearing other's viewpoints, and students could get help from each other by seeing problems discussed and resolved between other students and the professor.

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Hi Emma,

i believe you have a similar idea as myself put differently. I like the idea of having more high quality lectures being shared amongst all students. My idea is to have some lectures being created by the entertainment industry, rather than by teachers/ professors. However, the latter is also a very good idea. What do you think of a TedTalks for higher education? If the content is organized with logical meta data you could very quickly build a library of online lectures accessible to all. It could also provide feedback to the lecturers by user comments (perhaps only visible to them) and number of views. Very quickly the best lectures would rise to the top by views and benefit everyone taking the related courses? if you find the time, please have a look at my suggestion too!

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