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Extra-Curricular Activities for Extra-Ordinary Career and Personality

Ideas on Extra-Curricular Activities and Programs for Students

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I am one of those students who believes that extra-curricular activities are as important as academics in a student's life. 

You might wonder why ?

Well,I have experienced the benefits and seen results in my own life (I have been actively involved in all activities at school and college since Grade 7 and for almost 10 years so I know how my personality shaped and how it affects me today).

Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities

According to me,Extra-Curricular Activities :

-helps an individual to connect to people from diverse backgrounds 

-helps to find and apply for jobs of different types and this adds to the resume as well as improves quality of ones life,enriches it and makes it enjoyable and interesting (avoids boredom over a long period too !)

-gives a lot of options for study,research,creativity,collaboration and connect subjects and fields when an individual wants to be a life long learner and make an impact in the world

-continue to strive to be an all rounder and this helps people from different walks of life to connect to the individual.

In other words,they help and contribute towards making an Extra-Ordinary Career and Personality !

My 3 Main Ideas

I have 3 main ideas on going about organizing Extra-Curricular Activities/Program in an Educational Organization that are Simple,relatively Easy to Organize and Effective in the short and long term basis for


b)Small and Large Groups

They can be organized at an Intra- or an Inter- level.

They can be a part of the school/college timing or before/after school or college or during weekends.

First Idea-Club Concept

According to this Club concept,the students from Grade 6 onwards may be allowed to be a part of the Clubs they are interested in.

They can be held weekly.

Examples of Clubs:

-Sports (Karate,Baseball,Basketball,Cricket,Soccer,Tennis,Hiking,Cycling,Gymnastics,Hockey,Golf,Skiing,Skate board,Swimming,Yoga,Scouts etc.)

-Arts (Drawing,Painting,Cartooning,Pottery,Ceramics,Fashion Design,Graphic Design,Jewelry making,Sculpture,Photography,Sewing,Weaving,Woodworking,Ice Sculpturing,Quilling,Gardening etc.)

-Volunteer (Community and Environmental Groups)-MANDATORY

Community (Elderly,Kids,Differently abled,Drug rehabs,Prisoners,Diseases etc.)

Environmental (Nature,Animals, etc.)

-Travel (with a Guide and get knowledge about History,Architecture,Geography, Sociology and other aspects for the local/national/international places)

-Technology (Blogging,Websites planning or designing,Animation,YouTube etc.)

-Speech (Debate,Mock UN,Panel Discussions,Elocution etc.)

-Performance (Comedy,Miming,Puppetry,Theater,Poetry,Ballet etc)

-Music (Concerts,Singing,Marching,Playing Different instruments)

-Media (Radio,Magazine,Journalism,TV channel,Websites,Movie etc.)

-Language (UN languages atleast and in addition to that any other local/national languages)

These can be:

a)Regular meaning held every week throughout the year or

b)Season/Session based meaning held for a few months each year.

All these clubs can be held and organized at the same time (simultaneously) or for some specified time as per the convenience of the authorities/students and the people or places or system involved.

It is however better to do sessions and then assess students through Intra or Inter Projects or Competitions through Houses (see second concept below) or with other clubs at other schools/colleges/clubs/organizations.

The clubs can be held in the campus sometimes and some other times outside at different venues (for change and more facilities.)

Second Idea-House Concept

According to this House concept,the students from Grade 6 onwards can be divided into 6-8 houses or big groups (names of famous personalities or colors or any other concept can be given to them). Each class,section or department has students from all the 6-8 houses in them.

Selection for houses can be according to admissions/roll numbers/register (numbers serially or alphabetical etc). 

Activities can be monthly or half-yearly or yearly.

What kind of Activities ?

-Club Activities can be assessed during this time.

-Competitions and Project can be done as individuals or in teams,at Intra or Inter level,within the same organization or with others. 


Slogan writing,Collage,Poster,Awareness,Speech,Creative Writing,Sports, Exhibitions,Model making, etc.

-These Activities can be used for assessment or to collaborate with other companies or websites for bigger projects or to generate employment. 

Third Idea-Random Classes Concept

According to this Random Classes concept,the classes or clubs either listed under my first idea or other topics/fields can be organized and led by students but supervised and guided by the professors or experts.

This is keeping in mind that a professor from a certain department say,Science could be interested in painting or photography or dance and that interest may be useful to the students because he/she will be exploring and working with someone older/more experienced and thus fresh amateur talent does wonders with experienced talent.

Benefits of these Random Classes:

-This way new subjects and topics can be discovered and researched upon.

-Students get to lead and research.

-Professors and students work closely on something other than the "academics" and create something new. This could eventually in the longer run be made as a new curriculum and a new course can be started at the campus.

-This will help create a lot of inter-disciplinary subjects,fields and moreover content. Because say if a Science professor has interest in non-Science subjects and works with some other department students then there are chances of a lot of new ideas and research emerging.

Who is your idea designed for and how does it reimagine higher education to support the needs of tomorrow?

-Educational Organizations -Management -Teachers -Students -Universities/Colleges/Schools These will help students get more out of their learning and educational experience. They will look forward to the activities and be involved in productive tasks and project that will help them improve their life and their resumes,expose them to the reality of life,to the world around them,to jobs even.

This idea emerged from:

  • A student brainstorm
  • An OpenIDEO outpost or chapter
  • An individual

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

I request those people who read this: -to think about their past experiences and imagine if this was the scenario in their time -to ask students or teachers they know or are around them about their opinions on this idea -to share this idea with authorities and their opinion on its implementation -to explore this further by research,brainstorm

What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

Being a part of two Loreto schools in my city and my siblings studying here too,we have all experienced and enjoyed it. I added ideas based on what I felt could be improved and how I would like it and do for my students or if I was a part of the management of an educational organization so that my students would never forget their student life !

Tell us about your work experience:

I studied Botany,Teachers Training for Primary level. I have volunteered,worked with and am working with several Organizations and Groups like Calcutta Muslim Orphanage,International Gosoku Ryu Karate-do Association,Lifebushido,IIOHS,Sri Aurobindo Bhavan,CSR at Sanjha Chulha. Besides this,I am establishing my own Organization-YouEd,Empowering YOU to LEAD,blogging at The Cooking Criteria,Writing my first book,13 Inspirations @23,aspiring to be a Karate Instructor (I am a blue belt now).


Join the conversation:

Photo of Kate Rushton

Hi Madiha!

Interesting idea!
Could you give me an example of a research project that combines Science and painting, for example?

Photo of Madiha Ahmed

Hi Kate !

Good question ! As a Botany student and someone who has interest in philosophy,reflection I would try to represent the plants anatomy through paintings and then have some philosophy or theories associated with it.

Example-In my second year at college,I developed a theory for Social Change after being inspired by a scene I saw in my city while being stuck in the traffic jam. I saw sun rays falling on the trees. I recalled what I studied about Photosynthesis in class that day. I though Photosynthesis can teach me about Social Change. A plant prepares food only when the chlorophyll in the internal organelle,chloroplast is activated. This food is then circulated and then spread to all other parts of the plant. In a human being,when the heart is activated and receptive to the truth,to inspiration then the heart changes,the person changes-his thinking,his words and actions change. People around him will change and then society will change. It all begins with the heart.

Another example-Electrons and Protons from Chemistry can teach us a lot. A proton is positive because it gives more than it receives. This is like a generous and kind person and he is a positive personality. An electron is negative because it takes in more than it gives out. This is like a miser and he has a negative personality.

These things can be reflected upon and portrayed through paintings !