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For core syllables, government can write tenders to create digital content by the likes of Netflix/ Amazon/ Google/ Apple.

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The idea is that in an age where technology has made entertainment available to everyone everywhere, education is a dinosaur. Even with the use of ipads (common in many countries) the digital content and distribution model needs a make over.

Professional Production of Educational Content

With the rise of Amazon/ Netflix producing very high quality for streaming movies and series, there are a new breed of players who can create professional quality content. How about we challenge them through a tender to create interactive content, available to all school pupils addressing the core syllables in different topics. 

History and Biology could be fun! Imagine learning about history through a series shot at the same level as "The Crown" or David Attenborough's "Planet Earth"?

The "lectures" could be bite sized packages/ episodes of 15-20 mins (or whatever the attention span of the next generation is :) ) The content provider should also provide some teaching material to go with the digital "lectures" including homework (which can be accessed through the same channel, and is immediately scored/ feedback provided).


given the core lectures are effectively streaming episodes, they can be consumed anywhere by everyone. It allows for a custom pace per child. If you are behind, your parents could guide the material or for older kids, you can watch at home to catch up. There is effectively no restriction on the location for teaching the content. Furthermore, why not watch with the rest of the family, or watch it with friends? Education can be social or playtime too!

Economies of Scale

how many teachers are there providing the same lecture over and over again? This is not a dig at teachers, i respect them a lot (and they should be paid more!) However, everyone gets bored with repetitive parts of the job. Giving the same lecture each year multiple times could be boring. Now if we distill that core content, make it exciting, and deliver it through other means, we take out the need to regurgitate the same material across a 100,000 plus teacher simultaneously.

Quality for Everyone

Given the capabilities of the content providers, which would benefit from millions of subscribers to their ecosystem, the quality of delivery of the "lecture" should be higher than currently, plus it would be the same for everyone! Effectively it could guarantee that the highest possible quality is delivered to all.

Attention to Children's needs

as teachers are freed up from the delivery of some of the core content. They can focus on giving individual attention to the children they guide and coach in life. They could also focus on more necessary skills for the future; collaboration, creative thinking etc. The content provider could also give some material to help deliver a presentation. Or create a game or video yourself to present answers to questions/ cases! the sky is the limit!

For Free?

Given that market size means a lot to the suggested content providers and given that some of these companies suggest they are socially responsible, could they be challenged to provide these services for free? Or at least less than cost?

Who is your idea designed for and how does it reimagine higher education to support the needs of tomorrow?

All Schools and children would benefit. the idea is that educational professionals will have more time to focus on the children's individual needs, as well as making it easier to challenge kids to collaborate to provide presentations/ solutions to problems given. Enhancing their creative, technical and social skills in the process.

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I really appreciate the work done here I truly believe that it is a smart way of engaging students and many others people also we young generation watch movies and tv shows on Vidmate

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