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Sharing people’s knowledge, experience and ideas with respect and empathy in open conversations during meetings with different subjects.

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The idea is to create meetings with a previously subject defined to discuss with respect and empathy the matter between groups with the same interest but different points of views, levels of knowledge and experiences backgrounds.

The meeting can be done by anyone, anywhere in order to make it better for the logistics, but also organized by a person who will build the link between unknown people and friends. This way the meeting will be constructed with a previously sense of trust and relationship feeling among everyone.

Thinking about a deep connection during the meeting, it is gently requested for all people in the meeting to do not use the cellphone or any technology in order to create an atmosphere where people are entirely present and deeply connected within the discussion.

This tool is designed to attend everyone, it means that we do not only are seeking for students, but also teachers, parents and family and basically everyone interested in discuss and share knowledge respectfully and spread new types of education through friends and others.

Teachers can replace normal classes and usual discussions for Co-Talks. The students would be divided in groups of maximum 8 people - in order to create an atmosphere where everybody can talk and collaborate equally – to talk. The professor can choose between using the same subject for the entire class or different ones between different groups. Moreover, it could be different topics related to classes or different ones that are not usually approached. In addition, the teacher can encourage them to do previously searching, as well as giving ‘surprise’ topics right before the Co-Talk. Different approaches are possible and it should be tailor-made accordingly to the main goal of each discussion.

Furthermore, an online platform would be created to input the meetings that have been done, their mainly insights and learnings. Each person could create a profile to input their main interests, how many Co-Talks have participated. It could also be possible to create the Co-Talk events and invite the participants.

Using this platform, it is possible to engage lot of people and one connection could consequently transform in another connection, therefore, another meetings would be created and the knowledge would be shared all around the world.

In the Co-Talk no one holds the knowledge, but it is fluid, changeable, and is construct between everyone's interaction.

Who is your idea designed for and how does it reimagine higher education to support the needs of tomorrow?

The idea is designed for differents groups, it is not restricted for students, but could be shared by teachers, parents, family or any person available to start the meeting, invite people and share knowledge. This way, it is possible to use between friends to create a different atmosphere and share knowledge in a structured way, but could also be used in formal education.

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What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

Although we avoid the usage of technology during the Co-Talk meetings, we believe in its power to disseminate knowledge with impact among people.The OpenIDEO community could bring the expertise to construct an online platform to input the meetings that have been done,their mainly insights and learnings. Beyond that,OpenIDEO community would definitely help executing the Co-Talk and bringing insights on how to improve it and potentially differences in its strengths and weaknesses between cultures.

What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

We will apply in the next couple of weeks the Co-Talk within our group of friends initiating discussions about subjects as Vegetarianism and Veganism and Zygmunt Bauman ideas, since his death had a huge impact in the education community. We expect to understand by this first experiments how the environment chosen and the prohibition of the technology will work, besides other insights that we can capture.

Tell us about your work experience:

We are Isabella Herdy and Marina Chavez, from Rio de Janeiro. We first met in university, studying Marketing, we both did internships during the college and met different nationalities. I'm Isabella, 23 years old, current living in Madrid. I worked in a multinational in the beauty sector for almost 4 years. Since October, I'm doing a Master in market research and consumer behavior in IE Business School. I'm Marina Chavez, my last job it was on the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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Hi Marina,

What a nice idea!

Have you seen Open Call ? It might give you a few ideas on how to implement and manage the sessions?

Photo of Khuyen Bui Gia

Yes, Marina Duarte , I'd love to exchange how manage the sessions. In my school there are also some initiatives for roundtable dialogs among faculty and students for issues they care about. It helps that in university there is usually food.