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KickShare - Crowdsourcing Education (Update: User Experience Map)

A crowd platform that democratizes the education experience.

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Kickstart A Korse - Educational Crowdfunding 

A platform that democratizes the education experience, instead of a few individuals deciding what the masses want, allow the masses to decide what the masses want! This platform empowers learning decisions and experience sharing to be made by those looking to learn. 

The value

Through crowdfunding you give people ownership.  If it was their decision to support a korse in the first place, they will be motivated to see it succeed. As with all forms of crowdfunding it is also a perfect way of predicting demand and ensures that nothing is created and not utilized, maximizing teaching and time efficiency. Crowdfunding has been wildly successful not just for products, but also with ideas and generosity, so we believe it will be as successful with this engaged younger demographic.

What will it look like?

It will come in the form of decentralized online platform that allows anyone to teach or be taught. After all everyone has knowledge and therefore everyone can teach and share. It connects the ebbs and flows of education instantly between the learner and the teacher. A professor or individual can post something they want to teach, give an inspiration preview to persuade others, and will only create the materials and korse if enough people sign up for the it, "Kickstart A Korse".  As this is facilitated through an online platform, its adaption to the needs of modern society is almost instantaneous. 

What is its focus?

Many platforms exist that have great hard, technical skills, but in the age of advancing automation and artificial intelligence are these skills going to be less valued? Due to this the platform will focus on soft skills and alternative learning. Want to learn the art of persuasion from the head of sales of a multinational company? How to better motivate yourself and drive efficiency? Or just a research process from a top academic? Then follow people, like connect and "Kickstart A Korse". 

Additional focus: The core aspect to "kicking" a korse or video will be through the sharing of experience. There is so much out there that focuses on the development of traditional content to learn from but what we want to do is prepare people for the experience of university and life beyond. How can we help people be more efficient? What is the best way to deal with stress? What are the best 5 stretches in the morning that get people going? Through this we generate small insights from people who are categorized by age, ambition etc. This way we add a pastoral aspect to life at university and beyond. What if you are approaching your first job and you don't know how to approach your job. Go on this app and you will find new experiences.

If people really like a certain insight they are able to follow or "kick" a korse or person into action.  


The Kredits 

Key to this platform is the use of “kredits”. Crowdfunding normally relies on the commitment of money for promises or equity. This platform is no different BUT instead of committing money you commit kredits that are purchased.  This gives value and recognition to both the students and teachers through an organic, familiar system.


The key reason for these are so that korses can be provided to all, even for those who are unable to normally afford them. In order to achieve this, free kredits are given to individuals without the means to purchase them and then they can submit kredits to korses they wish to support. 


Validating the Teacher 

By allowing all types of people to teach on this platform validating individual credentials and abilities is a key challenge. To do this, we will use some traditional methods of screening such as qualifications and experience. In addition to this teachers will be asked to answer 5 - 10 live question on their proposed topic once they receive funding. This will be the final step in the verification process, which reduces our quality control process.


While the students will only see a short kickstart campaign the teachers will also be required submit an overview of their intended korse. Nothing too detailed as we don’t want them to waste time, but just another way to make sure they are serious!

Additional focus: The above represents the last in the chain of teaching or giving insights. With our new focus on personal experience and helping we are lowering the barrier to entry for content generation. We are not asking for a whole korse initially just for insights into how to better in everyday life or if people are facing a similar problem in work, university, personal life how they can deal with it or grow through it. From this base they can develop a following and then drive deeper content.

Driving the supply and demand 

There are two major challenges to any educational platform: finding the supply of content and generating student demand. 
competition will be launched between a few diverse individuals: start-ups founders, corporate executives, academic, and passionate learners, or even just an average Joe etc. Individuals wishing to learn will be award free kredits based on the speed at which they respond to our social media campaign. Each person will be given a kredit (or vote in this case) and the winner of the competition (person with the most votes) will create the first korse on the platform. 
The participants of the first challenge will then nominate 3 of their friend or peers to come up with a korse to teach on the platform! (think: ice bucket challenge) 

Addition: This still remains a key part to our additional content drive but instead of asking for a full korse idea we just want insights into what people have done that has bettered them at university or say if they had there time again what they would have aimed for. This again lowers the barrier to entry for content generation. 


N.B. Credit for the initial idea goes to a team from the Shanghai Chapter OpenIDEO event -Edupractical (see video). We incubated it further, and with help from the community, created the idea above.

Who is your idea designed for and how does it reimagine higher education to support the needs of tomorrow?

Everyone!!! By allowing people to fund, like and share what they want we make sure that the education experience is tailored perfectly to them. This platform empowers all to reimagine their own higher education experience.

This idea emerged from:

  • A group brainstorm
  • An OpenIDEO outpost or chapter

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

We would love further idea development with the community. This is a rough idea that we hope will morph and change as we collaborate and discuss. Where are the major challenges in your eyes? Which areas are the most achievable? etc. Oh, and what would you teach on our platform if you were to submit one idea?!

What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

Among friends and contacts we will create a lightweight version of the site and have 5-10 friends compete against each other to be funded. Launched in our community, the winner will receive localized funding to make their korse a reality.

How would you describe this idea while in an elevator with someone? 2-3 sentences.

An app that empowers people to share experiences of university life and beyond. To understand that they are not alone in insecurities, wanting to drive efficiencies, and achieve personal development. If you love the short succinct content that people put out you can "kick" them into action to develop further content and a korse.

What is the specific problem your idea is trying to solve? 1 sentence.

A thought based community that discuss the process of university and working life, allowing people from all cultures and backgrounds to their share experiences, give advice on ways they have grown and developed, and if they are lucky get themselves "kicked" into action to develop a korse.

How is your idea different or unique from what is currently on the market?

Many learning platforms and large MOOCs involve the development of hard skills. What we are trying to building is a community that empowers people to share their experiences. Instead of focusing on the traditional academia we take a more pastoral approach to better sharing life at this time of life and beyond. The information we provide already exists but it is fragmented around the internet, we want to bring it together.

How do you plan to measure the impact of your idea?

Through the building of content, the number of shares, kicks and interactions on the platform.

How might your idea be transferable to a large number of people?

We expect it to start small but through our "ice bucket challenge" it will proliferate into a large community when the value of the advice is recognized. It will be an open platform based on a freemium service so the barriers to adoption will theoretically be low.

What are your immediate next steps after the challenge?

Generate content in the local community, develop a detailed prototype and extensively user test within the local Shanghai community.

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Photo of Essma

Hello William!
I absolutely LOVE your idea! As a college student, I can definitely say I would much rather be educated through this system -- I find my learning much more retentive when it's done through discussions and more interactive approaches, so I can definitely see myself benefiting more through your proposed system! It seems like it would help both the educators and educatees alike!

I'm interested to hear how you would plan to strike the balance between keeping the academic material presented focused on the specific subject, yet broad enough for it to fit into the context of crowdsourcing. That is, if I am majoring in Finance then regardless of the class being crowdsourced, there are basic requirements I need to learn in Finance. How would you ensure that the content presented stays within this specific field's framework - as specificity seems to be a tension with crowdsourcing?

Photo of William Morris

Hey Essma.

Thanks for your comment. Yes I totally understand what you are getting at it is key that in order to fully participate in a korse. I think that this is fact that in the case of something like Finance, or say Chemistry is probably an unavoidable reality. This is why we have slightly pivoted our idea to move more towards soft skills and supportive content that can then be built out into a larger korses for crowd sourcing. We are still very keen to have the most specific subjects represented on the platform with, as you say, perhaps a smaller number of people to source from.

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