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Startup Motion seeks to unite startups with incubators & accelerators, startup communities, investors, entrepreneurs and public agencies

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According to Department for International Development (DFID), Start-up businesses are an important conduit to delivering three core goals of private sector development a) generating jobs and wealth, b) boosting productivity and creating market competition and c) bringing innovative products and services to the market and communities.

These three goals contribute both directly and indirectly to economic development and poverty reduction. There is a desperate need to create productive jobs in the developing world and present an opportunity to put the skills of a young and dynamic population to use.

Youth unemployment is more than 2.5 times higher than that of adults globally and in South Asia and Africa alone, one million jobs must be created every month for the next 10 years just to keep pace with the demographic shift of youth entering the labour force.


Startup Motion is a non-profit organisation that  gives entrepreneurs easy & qualitative access to all of the supporting instruments, programs and activities throughout Ghana. It will be a startup community builder that gives startups a voice that resonates at all policy levels.

Startup Motion Ghana will offer young people the chance to participate in the Start Programme. The programme will be a reality show were participant will be paired to compete for a grand prize. It will comprise 10 teams representing the 10 regions of Ghana.

The beginning of the competition will be preceded by a Startup School workshop and Mentor Speak in the 10 regions of Ghana. This is an initiative to get key Sector Business Executives to give an overview of the business opportunities that start up can tap into and come out with compelling and innovative ideas from Fintech to social entrepreneurship. Participants will have the opportunity to interact and network with business executives after the workshop and Mentor Speak in a night of start networking before they enter in the start programme house of innovation.


This will be one week boot camp where the various speakers will take participants through their sector and invite probing questions from participants. The Startup School workshops will help participants to get started with their ideas. It is a good starting point if you want to develop a product and you do not know how. They will explore the possibility of findings innovative ideas from various sectors. They will define and present the most innovative and technologically advanced ideas and develop their solutions in cooperation with mentors from the large corporates in final open challenge. The competition will closed with a pitching event the final five teams will present the final solution to investors and business angels.


These are the talks that the mentors and resource persons will be giving:

Session 1 Effective Presentations

  • Entrepreneurs common mistakes / The way of the startup
  • Effective presentations

Session 2 Value Proposition  

  • Value proposition
  • Customer validation
  • Problem and solution interviews

Session 3

  • business models

Session 4 Product Development  

  • Product Development

Session 5 Legal

  • Basics of Company Law

Session 6 Investment  

  • Investment basics
  • Investors: startup point of view


The Start Programme gives will give young people (aged 18 to 30) the opportunity to experience the set up and running of their own companies, giving them insights into how their talents could be used to set up business for themselves.


The StartUp Programme participants will gain real experience of the world of business: creating a business concept, carrying out market research, creating budgeted financial statements and finally drawing up a business plan to present to a panel of judges. This programme is supported by volunteer business consultants, who help the teams every step of the way.

Students will also develop attitudes and skills necessary for personal success, and employability. They gain an insight into self-employment, business creation, risk taking and coping with adversity. Participants will be provided with an all-around training from the identification of market opportunities, to the conceptualization, planning, and start-up of a new venture. They will study theories and practices from Creativity, Technology and Entrepreneurship, demonstrating the value of design thinking, business modeling, innovation, customer validation and creative process. You will also get coaching on team skills and intercultural cooperation.



Through the Startup Motion Start a dream Programme, participants will gain enterprising skills, attitudes and behaviours including:


  • Creative thinking and problem solving
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Confidence and a can-do attitude
  • Teamwork and leadership
  • Negotiation and decision making
  • Time management and the ability to set achievable goals
  • Managing risk and responding to change

Participants learn to:

  • Carry out market research
  • Work together to create their business plan
  • Develop  a prototype of their product or service
  • Budget their company finances
  • Present to a panel of judges


On completion of the module, participants will also learn how to

  • Market and promote their product or service
  • Different selling techniques to adapt to their business

Skills participants will gain

Applying information

Critical thinking


Giving reports 

Interpreting data


Analyzing situations

Table and Graph Interpretation

Applying information

Charting data

Computer skills necessary for business

    • Consensus building
    • Teamwork
    • Problem Solving
    • Small group Participation and Leadership
    • Dealing with Uncertainty and Strategy
    • Responding to Change
    • Taking Calculated Risks
    • Presentation Skills


The problem: describe the customer or market need have you identified. Who is your target customer or beneficiary? How big and growing is the market?

The Solution: describe your product, service, or technology: which are the unique benefits you are providing, your target customer or beneficiary.

Competitors mapping: who are or could be your competitors? Describe why your product/service/technology is innovative or unique.

Business Model: describe your business model and the revenue model.

Stage of development: describe the progress made so far on your business/technology. Include in the description milestones such as Proof of concepts, eventual sales, partnerships, publications, patent application/copyright, awards, funding, or outreach efforts. Link here to a product, prototype or additional materials (if available)

The Team: describe your team and members role.

Reasons for your participation: what are you looking for in terms of financial resources and partnership?


Failing Success will be an inspirational keynote conference, where seasoned entrepreneurs will give an honest testimonial about the hardships they encountered on their way to success and the lessons they learnt which got them through, breaking through the stigma associated with failure in Ghana. Students and startups will listen to real stories that prove why failure can be the stepping stone to success. They will questions, get coaching and receive valuable inputs on real business challenges from mentors. This will be organized in the 10 Regions of Ghana depending on the availability of funding. The programme will include the following:

  • Keynote address by mentors or successful entrepreneurs
  • Networking lunch
  • Power meetings are 1 one 1 sessions with expert mentors and entrepreneurs. Participants can use this to get feedback on their idea and specific inputs on business challenges within one of the 4 key topics:
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Funding
  • Growth
  • Business Modeling
  • Workshop: Discuss, share and learn from each other. Led by an expert facilitator on the topic, participants will discuss real case studies to engage on thought-provoking discussions. Common pitfalls startups do.

Who is your idea designed for and how does it reimagine higher education to support the needs of tomorrow?

This Idea is designed for students and young people (aged 18 to 30) the opportunity to experience the set up and running of their own companies, giving them insights into how their talents could be used to set up business for themselves. The needs of tomorrow hinged on what the you can do for themselves through technology and solving community needs.

This idea emerged from:

  • An individual

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

OpenIDEO will very much helpful in offering technical skills in app development, Idea positioning and fundraising to bring the idea to live. Training of the youth to be entrepreneurial minded and how we can use Tech to achieve some of the Development Sustainable Goals.

What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

I will start a community of students who have basics in app development and Ideas they think they can carry to the end while in school or after school. I will then organise a hackathon in a school to see how students and young people are ready for the journey to a new world where technology is leading the way.

Tell us about your work experience:

I am a journalist by profession and currently a lead producers with 3FM 92.7 in Accra Ghana. I have worked with a non governmental organisation which advocated gender equality and access to basic education for girls in rural communities. I have also worked as a communications Officer with PR firm providing PR consultancy services for companies.


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Kate Rushton Yes higher Education Institutions must create the space for this which will revolutionize how student would think and create value for themselves and their communities. As for collaboration this Idea is ever ready to collaborate to make education more practical.

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Hi Gideon,

Thank you for sharing your idea.

Would the role of higher education institutions be in providing the students and maybe the workspace for this?

Could there be a collaboration with or iSpace Foundation Accra/Impact Hub Accra?

Could you see this working for the US market as well as Ghana?

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@Adisa Adeniyi, definitely a project of this nature needs monitoring and evaluation find out how it faring and where we need to adjust.

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@Gideon Anaba, wow, this is great. do you want to factor monitoring evaluation into your project?