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Company Sponsored Colleges (Build on this idea)

Companies would have their own education programs and provide jobs after college.

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This idea would be specifically for students who know the path they would want to enter in. For example, in Detroit, there are a lot of automotive companies. If General Motors has its own personal college, students might be better equipt for the company.

In my own school, I've had sponsored classes where companies gave the brief and syllabus in order to get innovative and creative ideas for their current problems. This way, companies can not only train their employees but help advance their company forward.

If higher education's goal is to provide students with knowledge for a job, maybe the jobs should provide the education?

Who is your idea designed for and how does it reimagine higher education to support the needs of tomorrow?

Connecting students with a job after college and the actual skills needed to complete the job.

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This is a great idea, Andrea!

I serve as one of the leads for the Purdue Recruiting Team at FCA, and we work on similar projects that allow us to track student progress throughout their education, to help them find a fit within the automotive world upon graduation. Some of these efforts are:

1. Working with professors to design senior design projects that aim solve a problem faced by the company. The students work with representatives from the company to design the solution to a problem.

2. Creating partnerships between students, professors and the company to collaborate on research projects. For example, if there are professors whose students conduct research on topics that are aligned with the future goals of the company, we look to work with the professors to offer our support for these projects.

3. A rotational program where the company sponsors a Masters degree for the students to help them build skills to apply within their jobs. Students work and study at the same time, while at the same time going through 4 month rotations in different departments to get a better understanding of where they would like to end up working full-time.

Does this somewhat align with your idea? What are your thoughts?

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