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College in High School

High School is meant to prepare you for College, now it finally could.

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Going into High School I had lots of expectations. The wild parties, the cliques of jocks and cheerleaders, the brawls in the cafeteria, and even the explosive football games. None of these expectations were carried out. My mom had two expectations for me entering high school, me getting a great education - which happened. But, she also had the expectation that High School would prepare me for college. That is an unfulfilled expectation. I was not prepared for any of the College details. And me being the first person in my household to go to college for 4 years and possibly more, this is a big deal. My mom had no idea what she was doing, nor did I. I was lost, didn't know how to applications, scholarships, FAFSA, I had to figure it out myself. Something else that wasn't done to help prepare me was I have no idea what to expect when I go. And this is a big deal. I am ready to go and do something by myself for the first time and I have no idea of what to expect. I believe that High School should prepare you for what you're walking into. The schedules are completely different as well as the organization and freedom when it comes to classes. I think that if schools would organize their system in order to better prepare students it would be very beneficial to everyone.

Who is your idea designed for and how does it reimagine higher education to support the needs of tomorrow?

It is designed for High School students, their parents and staff/faculty. It supports students and their level of preparedness for college.

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Hi Jordan, thanks for the post! Any chance you could find an image to go along with it? Images help grab attention and tell a story. You should be able to use the Edit Contribution button on the top of your post and follow the instructions to add images from there. Looking forward to seeing more of your inspiring insights on OpenIDEO.

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