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Bringing higher education to work places; Turn working centers in to small universities

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Life by itself is a University. Where people learn everything. Present higher education requires commitment of time from the person, but for some higher education seekers, time was already allocated to work to fulfill basic needs. 

What if we bring higher education to work places? So that peoples looking for higher education work to fulfill their basic needs and as the same time attend their higher education in work places. Higher education providing institution will closely work with different work providing institutions, they may work with such center/ they may consider it as practical campus.

E.g. engineering university uses selected garages/factories other related work places as their practical education campus.  Business universities use audit firms/service providers as their practical education compass.

In such partnerships the university and the work environment will agree to provide higher education for employees working there. One option could be every day employees attending 30 minutes- 1 hour tutorial (either by qualified worker from the company, or by mobile lecture to be assigned by university). Suitable/cost effective/efficient ways may be arranged.

Benefits of such approach are -1.  For employees higher education is more accessible with minimum cost (as they will pay some amount). – 2. The company can benefit from continuous practice of theoretically thought sciences.  3. The higher education institution can achieve its mission with some profit, or at least without loss.  4. The linkage between working company and higher education will add value to the countries higher education.

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any one in need of quality higher education

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Company Sponsored Colleges (Build on this idea) 

Hi Ahmed!
I was similarly trying to think of how this could be linked. Since the whole purpose of college is to get a job, 85 would make sense that the two would be connected. If you want to, you can check out my idea above to see if it gives you any more inspiration.

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Hi Ahmed, Andrea Zelenak Isaac Jumba Kate Rushton 
"p2p University" is an interesting and expanding model of peer to peer learning using MOOCs that is being facilitated in pubic libraries and other public spaces. It is meant for all learners who want to take online courses together, in "learning circles." From their FB page: "In the past two years, learning circles have evolved from a pilot project with Chicago Public Library to a movement of educators, librarians, activists, policy-makers, and technologists around the globe…" Do you think this model might be adapted to work places? Might employers facilitate and encourage this for their employees? I could see this as a tool for lifelong learning and/or using it to work towards a certificate or degree, depending on what organization/school offers the course.

Photo of Isaac Jumba

Just came across GoldmanSachs have such a program called Technology Apprentices: where students can work at the company at the same time earn a Computer Science degree

Photo of Andrea Zelenak

Wow, Isaac that's awesome! It would be awesome if all companies did this! Ahmed you should definitely look into it more!

Photo of Andrea Zelenak

I checked out a few of the courses on there and it sounds really cool. Even the idea of having employees create their own projects or initiatives through the courses.

It looks like this one gives out money for top ideas and sets up a meeting for implementation... that would be really cool to see people invested in their own work to come up with ideas and things like that after a course.

Photo of Ahmed yesuf

thank you. i just looked at it and find it interesting.

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