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What we waste

So much of the food is already wasted by the time it gets to us. Are we just eating the "prime cuts"?

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When we realize that there is so much of the food that does not even make it to us, it makes it harder to waste what we do have. Look at this cauliflower. We eat only the florets of the flower, even though the stalk can be eaten (cauliflower steak anyone). If you can find the leaves on the cauliflower, those can be eaten too. Some cultures use all of the plant, but as we put distance between tables and farms, many of us are disconnected from these cultural values. Seeing what a vegetable or fruit looks like before they make it to the chilled section of our supermarkets opened my eyes to how we are only eating the most precious parts of the plant. This is a decadence that we cannot afford to have anymore.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

What "prime cuts" do you have in your fridge?

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I work in sustainability and am on the board of the Women's Environmental Network.


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This is a great point.
I looked in the fridge I've got a bunch of things I know are the "prime cuts" but I don't know much about the off-cuts.  For example, cheese, Greek yogurt - what happens to the liquid that's strained off, and does that count as food waste?  I have one or two items where I would have loved to have and use the off-cuts - the green parts of the onion, for example.  

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I am seeing a lot of recipes for the off cuts. They can always be used for stock, stews and mixed vegetable medleys if they seem overpowering on their own. And after reading this, I wasn't a big fan of store bought greek yogurt:

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