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Waste meals in daily "menú"

Waste eating lunch outside home in Perú

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In Peru, like many Latin American countries, executives workers often do not eat at home for lack of time and long distances. In this sense, they eat in restaurants that offer daily meal popularly called "Menu". One of the most popular restaurants in Peru is the "Chifa" which is Chinese and Peruvian fusion food, usually seen that diners to finish eating the dishes leave at least one third of the food, and this is discarded. By observing and asking diners, the reasons were diverse as:

"They served too much food"

"I do not like vegetables but always serve this dish"

"I do not have time to finish the dish"

We believe that these reasons reveal many important points because the food is discarded.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

In Peru people are used to eating in good quantity, and we call it "Taipa" in the table there is a positive feeling that is shared and celebrated when they serve in large numbers. However most of the time do not eat the entire dish, but neither glad nor we are saddened to leave half the plate. We are a callous much about the food we waste.

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Im entrepreneur and design thinker working as a innovation consultant for 5 years.

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Photo of Swapna Bellare Balsekar

Good demonstration of how urban life forces professionals to adopt different eating styles/venue. But somehow, food gets wasted nonetheless.  There are posts that indicate similar themes (limiting large portion sizes. Feel to read and get inspired:
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Any thoughts on how can you change people's attitude on food waste or ideas on changing the system
see this for inspiration:
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