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Satisfeito Project

Satisfeito Program provides a model focused on change consumer behavior so that we can reduce child hunger through food waste prevention.

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The Satisfeito Project is a global movement for food safety of children and for combating food waste. Participating restaurants are encourage to adopt techniques to reduce food waste and offer dishes that engage customers to consume consciously, the so-called "Satisfeito Dishes ". 

Those dishes are chosen or created by the establishment owner and are identified in the menu with the Satisfeito logo next to the platte's name. 

When costumers choose any of those dishes food waste prevention occurs and restaurant saves money. So, part of the sales value are reverted to the Project, which transfers the accumulated monthly donations of all partners fully (100%) to the beneficiary organizations in each city. We offer an innovative methodology, dynamic and replicable to engage restaurants and other companies to collaborate with the cause. 

We aim to enable a change of attitude and responsible consumption of food that also raise owners, clients and employees happiness. 

This works as platform as well, enabling the Satisfeito Team to generate resources to support NGOs that work towards the food security of children.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Enable a change of attitude and promote responsible consumption of food in order to reduce food waste and fight child hunger.

Tell us about your work experience:

Master´s degree in Sustainability(Federal University of São Carlos)and Specialization in Business/Management.Extensive experience in 3º sector projects towards food waste reduction


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Great project! Marcos Szrajer You said the movement is global but looking at the participating restaurants, they seem to be mostly in Spain - which is great for Spain, but it'd be great to see the movement grows. I was trying to find the story of the movement on the website but could not find it.  I'd love to know more. Thanks again for sharing!

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