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Nature's own surplus: Food seasonality

The seasonality of some food crops especially fruit and vegetables create a natural surplus that could be difficult to handle.

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The excess produce associated with foods in season such as fruits and vegetables could lead to waste even the food makes it to our tables. there is usually so much of a particular food in season that it creates a glut.  Furthermore, a lot of people have not learned to plan meals seasonably. This eating pattern is considerably cheaper and can be used to combat seasonal waste if applied properly. Sometimes people could get tired of a particular food in season so there is need to teach people creative ways to eat and use seasonal foods to help reduce the excess and waste that may come with food seasonality.

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How little vegetables are incorporated in diets leading to waste

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I am currently a nutrition educator with FrieslandCampina.

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Something very close to my heart, so thank you for sharing. Haven't most urban areas & developed countries lost the notion of seasonality? With the amount of refrigeration & container technology in place, people in urban dwellings seem to get any vegetable at any time of the year. I find it hard to find someone who know what veggies are in season now. The usual answer is "everything".

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Thanks a lot. In developing countries like mine...we see a lot of food waste due to excess harvest with little provision for preservation