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My Tryst With Food

From the perspective of someone who cannot eat much or for that matter even little

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If you are someone that believes in zero food wastage, I happen to be your worst nightmare. I can count days where I haven't wasted any food. I am definitely not in the least proud. But somehow food overwhelms me and just the sight feeds my hunger. 

Until a couple of years back, it was not a huge deal because we had dogs, a beautiful part about villages is that there no cooked food goes to the dustbin, it merely end being fed to one or the other living form. The last resort is that it gets dumped near a plant and somehow it is not wasted.

Then I came to Bangalore, I can't express how pathetic I feel when all the wasted food goes to the waste bin like any other waste. While I consciously take limited portions of food at home, eating out is where I don't have any control over quantity.

There was this day while I was starving hungry which is a rarity in my case, I ask for sunny side up. I get exactly that laced with sauces and boiled veggies. It might just be me, but it got wasted because all I wanted was eggs and not continental whatever. 

I realized if restaurants take customized orders, this may significantly reduce the wastage. It also works in the favor of the restaurants as they save a lot of food that may be used in some other dish. What today's restaurants lack is the understanding of customer's taste palette and patterns. Somehow continental has become a fad these days whereas I am sure most of loathe the Indian version of continental whereas most of us like/find bearable the Indian version of Chinese food.

I also believe if a restaurant lets me choose my quantity/portion of food I want instead of feeding me standard sizes of half/full meal, we may just be saving a lot of food. An analogy that this maybe based on airplane bases human weight on an average of 75Kg. this balances itself out as there will be people who weigh much higher/lower than that thereby adjusting the average. Same can be applied to food in restaurants.

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Hi Jean! Thank you so much for sharing your insights. It is gives us all a new and fresh perspective on food waste. 

If you have time, Jean, I am interested to know your perspective on a portion-control idea for restaurants submitted by Morgan Courtney in the ideas phase. This idea here -

Would this be something that could work for you?

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