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Market Breakfast

We saw and discuss that the food waste is begin in the agriculture, pass through the market until the family table.

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We organize a informal breakfast in a food fairy market. We planned to discuss our daily food waste e and then went to the fairy to observe and talk with the fairy dealers.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

In our event we find through the discussion that our culture influence how we manage our food. Other things emergerd like we saw the fair dealers throwing away the leftovers in the trash. And they didn't know the final destination of that trash. But, other good image was that minutes after some man came and collect the trash and said that he will give the food to his animals.

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I'm a partner of a coworking space and coordinator of a social project and do a doctorade in intellectual property.

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Thank you for your post, Ricardo! It is good to hear that some of the food waste is used as animal feed. I wonder if this is a common, informal arrangement between the traders and the trash collector.