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Lima chapter: Gourmet, food or art??

The cost of being gourmet

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We decided to go to a cafeteria to experience a common meal and observe the interactions between clients and the food they order.

We noticed that the dishes were served with ornaments made from food (vegetables, creams, sauces, etc.), the customers did not eat them and ended up wasted. A second thing was related to small portions of the order that people left behind and also ended up wasted.

Our conclusions are related to our cultural issues. First, the gourmet style exposes people to an esthetic-eatable dichotomy. Next, there is a consumer behavior to avoid social judgment of being seem as starving person for eating everything on the plate.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Measure the cost of being gourmet.

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We are a mix group of people interested on collaborating with ideas to reduce food wasted.

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Photo of Reynaldo Adolfo Gazzo Saavedra

Luis indeed people are afraid of the "que diran" and leave most decorations on the plate, I personally eat all I get and sometimes percieve that funny look as if it was a defect or malpractice.

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