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How I Collect Food Waste from Restaurants and Retail Outlets.

Food waste can be converted to animal Feed.

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Some years back I saw food waste as potential resources for animal feed. I normally go to restaurants, wedding reception centers and any food retail outlets to collect food waste base on arrangement I have made with their workers by giving them commission in order to help me make sure that food wasted were not missed with trash and are kept in different /separate container before my arrival for collection. The commission I normally give to the attendant serve as motivation for them to be doing it as job for me base on my directive. After collection I make sure I heat them to 70 Celsius for 30 minutes. This sterilize the food waste and deactivate viruses such as foot and mouth disease (FMD), classical swine fever (hog cholera) as well increase shelf life, this treatment make sure it is safe for animal feed without destroying nutrients and is not associated with any disease outbreaks. It is cheap, domestic alternative to more expensive, volatile market for grain and soybean-based feeds. Pigs reared on food waste, produce pork of high quality-practically indistinguishable from grain-fed pork. It is used as complete ration a times or as supplements ration with grain based feed. This has a lot of benefit to my wallet and I believed to the environment as well. I feed other species with food waste as well e.g. poultry (free range) and fish. If the use of food waste as animal feed is regulated there will be reduced waste or zero-waste, reduced land fill, greenhouse gas wasted farm land, wasted water and boost the wallet of consumers and farmers as well spare over 1.8 million of global farmland.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

That food waste can be sterilized and fed to pigs.

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I am an entrepreneur and a farmer.

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Thank you for your post, Ajiboye! This is a valuable insight into perspectives of a pig farmer. 

Have you seen Daisy Blackhurst 's post on the "The Pig Idea USA" in the ideas phase?