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Fruta Feita aka Ugly Fruit

Ugly but edible.

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Fruta Feia (Ugly-Fruit) is a Co-operative that aims to tackle market inefficiencies by changing consumption patterns and creating an alternative market to “ugly” fruits and vegetables.  Its business model is to sell, at accessible prices, to its members, fruit and vegetables thrown away by farmers because are too big or misshaped and rejected by major distributors.

This three-year-old project already manages to avoid tons of fruit and vegetables wasted, every week, because of its large network of producers and, yet small number, delivery points for in Portugal.

According to the information on their website their main goal is "reduce tons of good quality food that are thrown away to the land by farmers every year and, also to prevent the unnecessary use of resources on their production, such as water, arable land, energy and working hours”. With this in mind, their purpose is a future where "all quality fruits and vegetables are marketed equally, regardless of their size, colour and shape".

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Hi Helder!

I really like the way Fruta Feia connects farmers to consumers.

Have you used this service? If so, can you describe your experiences?

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Hi Kate. Fruta Feia is really a fantastic initiative. I haven't use the service yet. They are still few branches where consumers can pick up the baskets and it's all dependent on the vacancies available for new associates. As far as I am aware of they are expanding gradually, so I hope in the short/medium term be able to use it.