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Foodlink Foundation, One Meal at a Time

Foodlink collects safe-to-eat surplus food from hotels and food & beverage outlets in Hong Kong and delivers the food to those who need it

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Founded in 2001 and registered in 2010, Foodlink Foundation is a

registered Hong Kong charity dedicated to fighting hunger, building self-

sufficiency, and fostering nutritional wellness among those in need, while

simultaneously reducing food wastage in hotels and F&B outlets in Hong

Kong. The vision at Foodlink Foundation is to ensure that every needy person

has access to a hot, healthy meal. We collect safe-to-eat surplus food

from F&B outlets all over the city and deliver to those in need. The role

of Foodlink is to connect the supply to the demand as effectively as

possible. The benefits are twofold - while reducing hunger we also

reduce the pressure on our city's landfills.

Currently, over 1.6 million people live below the poverty line in Hong

Kong. Despite being one of the world’s richest cities in terms of GDP per

capita, we have one of the world’s largest wealth gaps. Lurking behind

this prosperity is a great inequality in wealth and a forgotten group of

hungry and vulnerable people.

Working purely on its own and without government funding, Foodlink

began a pilot scheme in early 2002 to link F&B outlets with welfare

agencies to ensure needy people had access to hot, healthy meals.

Since then, Foodlink has seen tremendous growth.

From collecting surplus food from a handful of hotels, Foodlink has expanded to

collaborate with over 70 donors to assist 83 beneficiaries across the city

to become Hong Kong’s leading hot food charity organisation.

Today, we save an average of 2,600 kg of hot food and 15,000 pieces of

bread per week which can provide more than 12,600 meals.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

While we are picking up 817 lbs of hot foods daily in HK to be distributed (we have 6 vans currently), this is simply the tip of the iceberg. Supermarkets and restaurants are throwing away insurmountable amounts of produce and goods, which everybody is turning a blind eye to. When tables turn, we can use technology to link demand with supply. Technology can be used wisely to generate fast change.

Tell us about your work experience:

I am currently studying nutrition to be a health coach, and learning about the diverse ways that food can alter one's body (nutrition to prevent disease)/ plan events for charity.

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Thanks @Charlotte Hwang for Foodlink Foundation, One Meal at a Time 's awesome work and support to date of ZacSnax – where healthiness and tastiness combine   We haven't met, but I know Robyn and Joyce has been so supportive !