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User guide for the Recycling of waste into Animal Feed for Livestock's in Nigeria.

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About the concept 

The incessant food waste cumulatively from neighborhoods, could be recycled to animal feeds for the production of Meat and fish (value) while waste are drastically Eliminated. Most domestic animals including cold blooded like fish can be produced with the excess we record as waste. Hence, it will make sence trying to reduce food waste through our relationship, by collecting waste from individual house hold with the intention of transforming such waste into Feeds for the production of Caws, fish, dog, Goat and sheep etc. Most family members when interviewed disclosed that the cost of producing Feeds for their livestock further increases the cost costs associated with the production of Meat and fish.

About Maryann EKes Narration.

particularly Maryann Eke, a team mate narrates that, the Record of her family food waste weekly could help in feeding up to 5 goat a week. meaning that it take up to 50 similar family like hers to feed up to 250 goats in a week bases. moreover this she said is on average when compared to other family within her neighborhood.

Maryann further suggest that such waste could not be given to any reasonable being considering the way they were exposed in their trash.

What this idea can be translated into.

Based on her complaint, I am looking at producing Feeds from varieties of Food waste within one kilometer of Every town in Benue state and considering the fact that family members would rather feed their Livestock with their anticipated food waste than buying from the market. conversely a preparation of user guide on how such food waste could be turned Feeds for Domestic Animals.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Do you know You can stop buying Feeds for your Livestock's by recycling food waste within your neighborhood? imagine one family's weekly food waste could feed 5 goats weekly

Tell us about your work experience:

Training specialist at the Central Bank of Nigeria, Entrepreneurship Development Centre, 2013-2015. now MD at Smap business services and consulting limited. Olam Nigeria limited.

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Thank you for your post SHEDRACK OZULUONYE ! I wish you all the best of luck in implementing your plan. 

What are the options for collecting this waste from the producers, transforming it and distributing it to the people who have the animals?

Photo of Ozuluonye Shedrack

Thanks to you Kate Rushton, 

Regarding you questions: 

On what are the options of collecting the anticipated waste from producer? 
After organizing a seasoned based awareness campaign #No waste, house hold members will be aware of our collection procedures which includes through a public channels like emailing us for daily collection , phone calls and direct contact for collection where applicable with our staff within there locations. its most suitable to have access to their kitchen diary so as to know who to visit and when to visit.

Secondly from you question, I am to produce a user guide for majority of recorded food waste that will serve as feed to varieties of domestic animals. 
The distribution. Channels for supply from household (producers) could still server as distribution links. And on a second thought it will be unique to create locally food waste Feeds like those stores where modern day Feeds are sold. Meaning the cost of locally made will be lesser than that of modern day. 
Manyann was certainly those waste she and her family members record s daily could help produce better animals rather thank waste them. And that such waste may not suit human taste.