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Eliminating food waste within the culinary industry

Utilizing technology to transport excess food hungry recipients, at the touch of a button the vehicle would arrive and deliver!

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Eliminating foodwaste within the culinary industry

  • utilizing already existing technology companies such as Uber, Lyft and other food delivery services.
  •  Incentivize current drivers to participate  with short on call shifts that would be for filled once they make food delivery. 
  • We would enable the culinary world to feed the remaining food from Events.  
  • Culinary industry participants would download app and be able to call a car,enter the average amount of food and have a tax-deductible receipt sent to them. A volunteer driver would come within minutes. 
  • Issues currently discouraging donation of excess food after events include; labor ,packaging, liability ,coordination, venue and kitchen schedules.
  •  drivers would arrive with donated food containers large and small plastic with locking lids and or Aluminum hotel dance with lids, gloves.
  •  Driver arrives directed to food donation with or without help from donating company, loads food into receptacles and into vehicles. App lets driver know where food should be delivered. 
  •  pinned addresses or locations for recipients include; shelters, hidden safe houses, non-profits.    All recipients would be vetted have had to sign a liability waiver and agree to the terms of service. Food will be served immediately allowing for food freshness, safety and the ability to add hours of availability of meals for the facilities. In addition, there would be public drop spots in the city( using San Francisco as a template)  pin spots would include districts with issues.        ( I.e. district 6)would include Civic Center, MCCoppin plaza and  many others.  The food would be placed neatly and left.
  • We would require  Donated receptacles and gloves. Plastic storage containers with lid would be for the recipients who had the ability to wash and return them on the next delivery. The aluminum pans would be utilized at the cities drop sites and the aluminum would be recycled by folks on the street. 
  • working with city out reach programs including community officers, shelters, police we would be able to  communicate drop site locations throughout the city to those in need. 

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A chef of over 20 years committed to sustainability. Over the years I have to try and make sure excess food was utilized.

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Photo of Hannah Chatham

Hi Rachel,

Great idea and along the same lines I have been thinking.

I like that you have linked this to an existing on-call transit system. I wonder what would motivate a company like Uber to be involved? 

Or.. maybe this pickup/drop off idea lends itself more to a taco-truck style vehicle than an Uber or Lyft? Just thinking out loud here.


Photo of Rachel Rubin

Hi Hannah ! 
 You are right there would be some definite hurdles and aligning with larger companies such as Uber and lift. However Uber is currently conducting a template in Austin Texas, where they are just picking up family leftovers and delivering them to families in need. However sadly they are currently about to go  public and don't think that the timing with an IPO is the right time to begin a template in San Francisco. However I am hoping to just gain access to the technology and a willing partner. Hopefully somebody understands that there is great PR and marketing benefit that could equate to many dollars being saved.  I just want this technology to be able to get out and help our communities illuminate food waste. Please let me know if you have any other ideas or contacts for folks to get involved with. Hopefully this Forum will enable the idea To get out into the world and happen.

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