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Educating Retailers and Consumers.

General public need to be oriented on the implication of food waste.

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Creating an embedded resource can change consumer habit to food in a lot of ways.  Highlight of ecosystem damage, land fill and resources (money, water, fertilizers, farm land etc.) wasted to grow food that is not consumed.

This can be handed over to retailers and consumers through any or most available means of communication in any language or form of languages they can best understand.

“Reduce ecological impact, be wallet friendly, buy only food you can consume” can be pasted in retail store and the information can be given to every consumer to digest.  This kind of information can be made open in every food selling outlet for every consumer and retailer to see the highlights so as to sink into their memory. Knowing food waste risks, gives you the power to manage it.

The health benefit in a food and how to manage eaten certain food should be more pronounced than health implication of certain property/properties in a food and there should be caution in the way every research findings are pronounced or made known.

Educating Retailer and Consumer.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

That wasting food is not luxury but deadly.

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