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Eat me now !

An app that helps you organize your groceries and tells you when your food is about to go bad, using information from retailers.

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How often do we find spoiled food in the fridge or pantry? Losing track of the food we buy is one of the main causes of food waste at the consumer level. Many neglect good practices such as checking their fridge or having a "eat soon" shelf.

Eatmenow will address these problems by helping households keep track of the food in their kitchens in a simple, efficient way. Our goal is to create a software/app that keeps an automatic inventory of food items and provides recipe suggestions and expiration date reminders (based on food safety) . The inventory will be mainly fed by electronic receipts, but also paper receipts (through QR codes and optical character recognition). Other services such as storage tips to increase shelf life and food exchange between users could also be provided. The app will be open-source and the main database will be publicly available.

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I’m also involved in another project aiming to reduce food waste: a network of community fridges designed for community building and food sharing (

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