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Crooked Cucumbers

Soup made from delicious misfit vegetables

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(The thumbnail of this submission is a screenshot taken from Kromkommer's website.)

Krommkommer, which means "crooked cucumber" in Danish, is a soup brand that only uses what they call "wonky" vegetables to make soup! 

It began as a project by students of Business Economics in Rotterdam, Jente and Lisanne. Seeing the massive amount of food waste that is created on a global scale, they joined forces with Too Good To Waste and launched a Kickstarter that led to the creation of three soups.

These soups are available now in over 50 stores across Denmark. They now run campaigns to help increase awareness of food waste and promote solutions.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

The team chose a different way to look at the "bad" fruit that gets thrown out. They see it as wonky, cute, fun, unique. They play with it in their brand imagery and create a different view of something that many people see as ugly. And assuming this shift in perception doesn't stick with the public, they managed to completely remove this factor by pureeing it into a soup. Ugliness factor gone!

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As a UX Designer, I love to walk in others' shoes. Whether it's digital UI or the experience of a sustainable urban space, designing better for humans to live together is my goal.


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Hi Colin, thanks for the post about Kromkommer. You pretty much sum up what we do. Thanks a lot for that. I would like to add that Kromkommer is Dutch en the soups are for sale only in the Netherlands. Not in Denmark yet ;-) 
@Kate, our soups are more expensive than other brands. This has to do with the ingredients we use (high quality) and we pay the growers a fair price. But mostly our small scale makes them more expensive. We work with small and big farmers. We don't just want to rescue these veggies, but also be an example and inspire others to do the same. The biggest compliment is when growers start their own initiative to sell wonky's. Ah the end, that is where change has to happen..  

Photo of Colin Willox

@Chantal, no problem :) Super cool idea.

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