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CORN COBS as Food Wastes to Human Health and Wealth... The HETAVAD SKILLS AFRICA Approah

We just discovered the vast opportunities from Wasteful Corn Cobs for Human salvaging

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My inquisitiveness was aroused to the fact that Corn otherwise called Maize is one of the most stable and healthiest food world wide but with undiscovered byproducts potentials . In my locality and all over Nigeria , the Corn Cobs are virtually discarded as wastes products and constituting nuisances to the environment . And this has been the tradition and practices over the years without any one ever thinking of any valuable uses. But out of deep concern about the problems of hunger , Poverty and especially how to combating Diseases confronting humanity as complicated by the consumption of acidic water , I ventured to find out on the safest sources of edible organic substances. To this , I readily found out in the processed and harnessed Corn Cobs which has been regarded as waste food products . And with more research and probings , I  now discovered multiple useful and life savings products from the discarded Corn Cobs . Apart from being used as Alkaline substrate to cure acidic water , my research findings has also revealed that the Corn Cobs are one of the solution to the problems of Renewable Energy , as Fertilizer and Organic manure , Insecticides , as potent Ingredients for Animals Feeding and other Veterinary and Human Pharmaceutical uses . It is just amazing how this Wasteful product could revolutionized the economic , environmental and Social lives of human beings if it is well harnessed . Our findings on the uses of the Corn Cobs is capable of generating billions of wealth and employment through an industrial revolution in Africa where there is a supplus supply of the Corn Cobs  all through the year . Truely , the  wasted Corn Cobs could be the most important and life saving product the world has been waiting for all through the generations especially in Africa . With the right partnership and networking , the world could be saved from the multitude of humanitarian problems of Poverty , Unemployment , Diseases , Ignorance and Restiveness especially as is common among the youths today . So, we are set on probing to discover the benefit of the most Wasteful food products on Earth - The Corn Cobs. We are seeking to partner with other people how to expand our scope of work on the Corn Cobs as useful and undiscovered product for Human Survival. Presently, we now have our findings, researching and experimenting for large scale production of Corn Cobs Fertilizers, Animals and Fishes Feeds and other usable byproducts. Above all else, we have secured the factory size land for both cultivation and Production of fresh Corn crops and Cobs. 

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Virtually all over Nigeria and Africa, the Corn Cobs are discarded and just treated as waste food materials. Thus, apart from being an Environmental nuisance, it has not really been given a serious thought for any useful uses. But now, we have discovered a wealth of millions opportunities in this Wasteful but natural and readily available food products. Yes! It is readily and cheapilly available.

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I have personnally championed researches on human Survival since 1998-. My first book with the title : INNOVATIVE STRATEGIES FOR HUMAN SURVIVAL, was published in the year 2000.

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