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Aguascalientes Chapter - Watch your waste lunch

A few members from the Aguascalientes Chapter had a brainstorming lunch to discuss how the challengeĀ“s scenario looks in our community

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We got together to have a delicious lunch and discussed specific cases where Food Waste is relevant in our community

Some of the main issues are:

  • Food Waste in the biggest Food Market in the city. The lack of legislation and infrastructure allows shop owners to dispose fruits and vegetables in huge dumpsters inside the market to make room for the fresher produce.  Owners sell what they call " fruit with detail" at 1/3 of the price to people who ask for it, but they're afraid to show that they have "ugly fruit" in display. 
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  • The absence of a safe "cold chain" to allow big supermarkets to donate refrigerated goods to community kitchens. If you go late at night you'll be able to see how supermarkets throw away yoghurts and fresh ham that could easily be a healthy breakfast for a kid, but can't be donated because there's no infrastructure that helps to keep each product well refrigerated and risk free. Most organizations don't own a refrigerator either due to the high costs of electricity. 
  • No culture of composting. We brainstormed to fill a Food Waste diary and realized that we throw everything into the trash can. Mexican houses don't have drain disposals but we have gardens all-year-round and yet we are not used to composting. 
  • We're uneducated to shop. We buy too much and it ends multiplying itself in a container at the back of the fridge. 
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  • We throw away good for just because we are picky. The top bread, the last tortilla, cucumber peels and veggie tips are just some examples of how a bad habit is making us waste nutritious food when we don't like the texture or because we feel it's an inedible part. 
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What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Designing a low cost system that allows food to travel from a shelf to a community table before the expiry date .

This post emerged from:

  • A group brainstorm
  • An OpenIDEO Outpost or Chapter
  • A Kitchen Diary

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The People Cold Chain

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Hi Catalina De la Rocha -- fantastic post! Thank you for sharing your Food Waste Diary. Were there other diaries that people completed? Your photo seems to show other paper diaries people filled out. Do you have photos of each of these? I would love to see them to learn more about your food habits! Please share. Gracias y buen trabajo!