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The Farmers-To-Farmer-To-Market Connectivity App

An app which tells the farmers the optimal timing for reaping their produced crops of vegetables and fruits considering the market trends

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According to various statistics, almost up to 35 % of the produced vegetable crops and fruits get wasted at the farm level i.e. on the agricultural fields and in the local markets especially in undeveloped countries. This is huge food wastage before even these items reach the final consumers.

One of the main reason is untimely reaping of the crops. Farmers simply pluck their vegetables and fruits based on their own will regardless of the prevailing market trends in their locality. For example, many farmers bring their tomatoes all at once at a local market which results in bottlenecks in the processing of those tomatoes. Consequently, not only the farmers get less profit for their high quality crops but also generate huge wastage of crops that could have been utilized wisely.

On the other hand, non-reaped/ non-plucked vegetables and fruits remain good and fresh on their respective plants and trees. Their is always some natural roam to either delay the reaping process or do it in advance a couple of days without compromising on the quality of the crop.

The idea is to create an app that will connect the local farmers and the local markets so that farmers could decide when is the best time to optimally reap/pluck their crops.

For example there are 10 nearby farmers who have harvested tomatoes.Through this app, the farmers will be connected to each other and thus will be able to coordinate. Instead of reaping their produced crops all at once and supplying at the same time to the local markets, the farmers will cooperate and decide who should reap first and when. This way the crops produced will reach the market after a small but extremely essential time lag and thus the burden (compulsion to cold-store items and sell very quickly) on the market will be reduced. Moreover, farmers will be able to generate good revenues by selling out their crops at more stable prices.

This idea aims only the post-harvest strategies. This means that farmers may harvest any quantity of their desired crops but only will use this app at the time of reaping their respective crops.

What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

A survey has to be done to glean farmers and local market authorities feedback to assess the potential of the idea.

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

Financing will be required to conduct the surveys and develop the app. The aid of IT and software developers will be essential for creating the app.

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I am a Chemical Engineer by profession and am an University faculty member.I have been working in innovation contests regarding engineering, sustainability, airport and railway operations,robotics and better living etc.

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