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Compost Buddy

An app to support community-composting

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Problem statement: Apartment dwellers throw organic food waste to the bin instead of composting because they found composting too difficult or don't know what to do with the compost waste.

Hypothesis: We believe that by creating an easy way to take part in community composting for apartment dwellers we will  achieve less food waste going to landfill and more nutritious soil for farmers, gardeners, and community.

Idea: "Compost Buddy" is a community-based app that connects people in an area to build and maintain community composting.

Resident/ School who have food scrap could:

- Learn what food scraps can compost 

- Find a nearby drop-off points/community compost bin to donate their food scraps or compost waste 

- See how their compost waste is helping local farmer/ gardener 

- Ask question about composting

- Volunteering to become a community compost caretakers to regularly maintain and manage the compost or worm farm; 

- Receive gifts or thank you note from farmer/gardeners who use compost

Farmer/Gardener could

- Volunteering to become a community compost caretakers to regularly maintain and manage the compost or worm farm; 

- Free to use compost to their gardens

- Prepare gift of special offers for food scraps donator


What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

Research more about community composting around the world Interview people who compost to have more insights

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

Share about experience with composting and community composting will be helpful Contribute on how to operate and what will motivate you to participate in a community composting

Tell us about your work experience:

I'm a UX Designer and I interest in sustainability as well.

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Photo of Antoni null

Two problems that I thinks we cannot control:
1. The odor produced when all the organic is composting (many people will not like it), especially if we planned to bound the composting site in urban areas for any convenience reason.
2. Cannot filter what people will throw in the composting site (all we want is organic matters)

There already a method called "Waste Sorting" on public trash can, maybe if to provide more of this can we can start to get the the organic waste resources from there, then we can transport only the organic waste to registered farmers area to be composed. (so collecting in urban area, composing in another area).

Photo of mitch Lee

Hi Le,

Having nurtured a few composts myself, I've found the smell can become a bit odorous.  Therefore, it may pay to explore people's perceptions around composts. In addition, because local councils will be hard to sell this idea to, you should think about the value proposition from a the councils lens. 

Best of luck!