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BountyFEED : Un-Waste Goodness

Re-utilizing produce, minimizing wastage, fortifying the needy and gamifying experience through web and mobile.

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The Fact: Every year, various countries throw away one-third of all the food they produce i.e. more than a billion pounds of food. Moreover, grocery stores are responsible for tossing 10% of that food. 

Causes for wastage: Expectation of cosmetic perfection, overstocked product displays, sell-by dates to name a few.

Who benefits:

Impoverished households, orphanages, NGOs/micro-communities that serve them to get the required supply of food.

Kirana stores, local-meat shops and hypermarkets to un-waste excess food.


1. Local-meat shops, Kirana stores and hypermarkets register on BountyFEED app as 'Benefactor'.

2. Local communities, volunteering groups and hypermarkets register as 'Beneficiary'.

3. The beneficiaries estimate the approx demand as a global metric i.e. Kgs/lbs categorically as Fruits/Vegetables/Staples/Meat with efficient sub-categories, including the vegetarian/non-vegetarian preference.

4. The benefactors estimate the daily wastage/expired goods as a global metric that also be categorized into Fruits/Vegetables/Staples/Meat in Kgs/lbs.

5. With both demand and supply in place, BountyFEED would act as the fulfilling mechanism.

6. This fulfillment process can be carried out further by delivering the allocated resources with same-day-delivery concept by BountyBoys(delivery partners) or self-arranged.

7. The request can be considered closed when the beneficiaries marks the goods as delivered on the platform, the benefactors can be awarded BOUNTY for delivering food and ultimately Happiness! This step is necessary for marking the feed as edible and relevant ratings mechanism.

8. The quality of produce can be rated by the beneficiaries and shared over FB, twitter channels.


a.Easy web/mobile first solution to carry out the entire gamut.

b.Demand and supply can be easily mapped with easy and instant on-boarding.

c.Studies suggest that more food is wasted at consumer level than retailer level, could be a great opportunity for scaling up and crowd-sourcing benefits.  

d.Retailers/Wholesalers can estimate and approximate the wastage using analytics.

e.Analytics can also help communities to plan and deliver the needed commodities at larger scale with ease.

f.Helps sellers to utilize even the produce that is considered unfit for retail purposes.

g.Bounty points can be gamified to a better social presence, a greater positive impact and many more quantifiable metrics

h.A better social presence would motivate corporations to contribute more and waste less


BountyFEED: Un-Waste Goodness

A community for, by and of the people where "The world is one family"  i.e.          

                                                        "Vasudeva Kutumbakam"              


What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

We can start with endeavors at grass-root level collaborating with local grocery stores/meat shops and few volunteers in existing NGOs/community initiatives

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

OpenIDEO is an international community which drives collaboration by example. Having so many ideators and innovators on-board, OpenIDEO can play a crucial role in refining ideas with constructive feedback. Earlier, I had participated in the ZIKA Challenge, and the constructive comments I received were just enlightening. A solution put up to this community can always bring in thought from folks from various backgrounds, experiences, countries and ethnic groups.

Tell us about your work experience:

Sudhan, Dipti and I have worked closely to ideate and develop solutions for cause. We had participated in the ZIKA challenge- BUZZER( and stood among one out of the top 6 shortlisted ideas -link to openideo newsletter . We have also collaborated for social hackathons such as SARV hackathon and delivered an animal rescue app. We are game for social impact. We hope BountyFEED can also make a difference.

This idea emerged from

  • A group brainstorm

How far along is your idea?

  • It’s just been created! It’s existed for 1 day - 1 month


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Photo of Rajeev Thudigeni

Great idea !!! Innovative solution for controlling food wastage

Photo of Surbhi Sharma

Innovative thoughts and wonderful work! 

Photo of gokul raj

Awesome idea bro.. u r doing a wonderful job.. all d best fr ur good work..

Photo of Sandeep Manhas

Wonderful Idea. A step towards greater cause

Photo of Samarth Mahajan

Thanks sir, improvements and improvisations are welcome

Photo of Vinay Kumar

GREAT  IDEA. A  good way to control the wastage of food in large amount. This will really make a big difference. 

Photo of Samarth Mahajan

Thanks vinay, ideas and improvements are welcome

Photo of Shefali Samant

Proud of you guyz...Great innovative idea for reducing food wastage !! Much required considering the current food wastage rate.

Photo of Samarth Mahajan

Thanks Shefali

Photo of Photo Backup

A much needed solution for a strong problem we are facing! Way to go.  

Photo of Samarth Mahajan

Aunna Wilson : Please help in improving this idea