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Sustainable and Continuous Food Security

It will support the sustainability and food security of every individual in the community.Thus, the country will be benefited in the future.

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Lead Applicant Organization Name

Luchay's Agri Traders is an entity engaged in poultry and livestock production that helps an individual's career. Providing quality meats.

Lead Applicant Organization Type

  • Large company (over 50 employees)

If part of a multi-stakeholder entity (i.e. team), provide the names of other organizations and types of stakeholders collaborating with you.

Luchay's agri Traders has stakeholders in which supporting us to be the more efficient and effective company in local area. The stakeholders are; employees giving the knowledge, labor, and passion in work to have a better environment and to provide quality of life. the suppliers for veterinary medicine, feeds and other supplies to support the needs of the company to create better meats, chicks, and chicken. And Lastly, the consumers and customers in which to care for their needs and wants. The company always breathing and having a life because of our stakeholders

How long have you / your team been working on this Vision?

  • 3-10 years

Lead Applicant: In what city or town are you located?

Davao City, Philippines

Lead Applicant: In what country are you located?

Davao City, Philippines

Your Selected Place: what’s the name of the Place you’re developing a Vision for?

Matalam, North Cotabato is a nearby province of Davao City in which most individuals connected in agricultural commodities land area 476 km^

What country is your selected Place located in?


Describe your relationship to the place you’ve selected.

My hometown, Matalam, North Cotabato is rich in agricultural commodities but many individuals suffer from being poor including my relatives and family. My hometown is near in my heart. I want this municipality will be developed and grow that every individual knows how to cultivate and plant different kinds of commodities that suited in the area. Matalam is an area that has diversified and rich in cultures. I want the government to help my ideas to prevent poverty and hunger. The children are the future leader of my place. I want them to internalized the value of education and agriculture towards efficient economic stability to save the children's dreams, not even the children but also the environment where they live. I want to see in their eyes the unending hopes and success of the place. I want to share my ideas on them, in which in order to avoid poverty it will be started trough actions. Fighting poverty is not easy especially when no one supports us to fight for it.

Describe the People and Place: Provide information that would be helpful for an outsider who has never been there and may have no context about this Place to better understand the area.

My hometown, Matalam, North Cotabato is a place where most of the commodities are very suitable as a source of income for every individual. Those commodities are; sugarcane, rice, fruits (banana, citrus, durian, lanzones, marang, rambutan), corn, palm oil, rubber, and many others. The town is also rich in diversified cultures in which there are many beautiful ethnicities living in the area. 

According to the population of Matalam as of 2015 is 79, 361 that composed of 34 barangays which are; Arakan, Bangbang, BatoCentral, Malamote, Dalapitan, Estado, Ilian, Kabulacan, Kibia, Kibudoc, Kidama, Kilada, Lampayan, Latagan, Linao, Lower, Malamote, Manubuan, Manupal, Marbel, Minamaing, Natutungan, New Abra, New Alimodian, New Bugasong, New Pandan, Patadon,  WestPinamaton, Poblacion, Salvacion, Santa Maria, Sarayan, Taculen, Taguranao,Tamped.

The Economy of Matalam based on the data of Local Government Finance has the annual revenue of PHP 196, 475, 685.66 for the fiscal year of 2016.


Population by age group, the age group with the highest population is 5 to 9, with 9,758 individuals. Conversely, the age group with the lowest population is 80 and over, with 468 individuals (2015 Philippine census).

Historical population

The population grew as of the year 1970 to 2015 is 36,036 and 79,361 respectively, an increase of 43,325 people. The latest census data as of the year  2015 signify a positive growth rate of 1.33%, or an increase of 5,327 people, from the previous population of 74,034 as of 2010.


The municipal center is situated at approximately 7° 6' North, 124° 54' East, on the island of Mindanao. Elevation at these coordinates is estimated at 43.0 meters or 141.1 feet above mean sea level.


According to the great-circle distance (the shortest distance between two points over the surface of the Earth), the cities closest to Matalam are Kidapawan, Tacurong, Digos, Koronadal, Cotabato City, and Davao City. The nearest municipalities are Kabacan, Carmen, Datu Montawal, M'lang, President Roxas, and Pagalungan. Its distance from the national capital is 932.85 kilometers (579.65 miles). The following list delineates such as distance measurements.

National rankings

  • Population (2015): 79,361, ranked 255 out of 1,634
  • Land area (2007): 183.78 square kilometers, ranked 158 out of 1,634
  • Population density (2015): 167 inhabitants per square kilometer, ranked 1,084 out of 1,634
  • Annual population growth rate (2010 to 2015): 1.33%, ranked 245 out of 1,634


9406-zip code

476.00 km2(183.78 sq mi)
167 / km2(432 / sq mi)
7° 6' North, 124° 54' East (7.0986, 124.8998)
43.0 meters (141.1 feet)

What is the approximate size of your Place, in square kilometers? (New question, not required)


What is the estimated population (current 2020) in your Place?


Challenges: Describe the current (2020) and the future (2050) challenges that your food system faces.

In my hometown, there are so many individuals that starving for food but don't have the courage to make food. Plenty of soil and land in the land area but lazy to make a happy life and economical life. Always complaining that "they are starving for food" but always sitting and gossiping. My notion to this, there should be private or organization linked to the government to mandate that every household should have organic vegetables, fruits, and other commodities gardening activities ( livestock and poultry also included) that can adapt to the weather and soil. Whenever there are crises and prices hike of different food at least my people in my hometown still survive and have food security. As of the year 2020, my ideas will be a blueprint to open the door for sustainable and continuous food security for future resilience within 30years that will reflect in the year 2050. In the future year especially 2050 individuals in my hometown have more knowledgeable on how the food is important but the actions are also valuable. But I cannot do this when no one support and believe in me. The government and many organizations should consider my ideas. As year and time rotate to its imaginary axis and timing the challenges of Matalam not only my hometown but also the world is really scary especially in surviving as population and industrialization increase. In the notion that "how we survive as a human on this earth?".  For sure,  as of the year 2050 and so many years will come, the population will grow and the human needs for food also increases not only in Matalam but also in the whole world. The advancement of technology will help also on my ideas and the financial supports from different entities who would like to support.

Address the Challenges: Describe how your Vision will address the challenges described in the previous question.

I think the planning of idea is easy but the execution and implementation are not. But when this idea be mandated by the government no one will suffer hunger. You can plant tomatoes and pepper in a single pot and enjoy eating it. In recent years, most of the people are knowledgeable with regards to the benefits of organic fruits and veggies since we are in technology advancement. Social media is everywhere. But the courage to do the task is a kind of challenge. Whether to accept the fact or not, some people are lazy to follow the ideas in which it will help them and the community. The government nowadays needs to "please" to implement ideas.

High Level Vision: With these challenges addressed, now provide a high level description of how the Place and the lives of its People will be different than they are now.

The people in my hometown will be more productive and open to an economic situation they are facing. It is also for there everyday life as exercise and lifestyle diets. As many epidemic sicknesses arise the prices of all needs including food affected to get a rise in its price. Planting adaptable crops in the area is a very reasonable action to have sustainable and continuous food security.

Full Vision: How do you describe your Vision for a regenerative and nourishing food future for your Place and People for 2050?

Implementing a simple idea could change a way of living of individuals that will pass generations from generations. Creating small hopes will turn a big success. Mandating Organic gardening will teach children that food, health, and characteristics of our mindsets are life. My idea will not help just for the individual in Matalam but also a smart idea to be imposed in the country to support food security. For the coming 30 years and in that year it will be 2050.  My mind and heart create dreams in which helping the people and caring for the environment. When we care for our environment it will give back beautiful leverages for us in significantly living on this earth. As I imagined for the year 2050 there are challenges and advantages happening that year. The advancement of technology more than what we have now. Technology and other latest information software and systems are part of our daily living. As to this, the year 2050 the probability of increasing population is very significant it will increase the individual consumption per day. Hence, sustainable and continuous food security will be the answer to have economic efficiency in the area. Individual living in the area is surely resilient with regards to food challenges encounter by the world in the next 30years. I want my fellowmen will be secured.

How did you hear about the Food System Vision Prize?

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